The Basics of Eye Creams

”The eyes are the mirror of our soul”, Paulo Coehlo said. And that’s totally true, especially during these COVID-19 days. For most of us, the eyes are the only visible characteristics of our face. This sensitive area can be really annoying during your skincare routine. Frequently you may think that nothing works, but you just need to use the right products and the proper technique. Here we will review some basics of eye creams.

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When You Should Start Using Eye Cream?

There is no age that the eye cream is a ”must”. You should start using it when you feel that your eye area needs it and that depends on your needs. As a teenager or in your early 20’s, you can start using a moisturizing and refreshing eye cream with no ”heavy” ingredients such as retinoids. In your mid and late ‘20s, skin experts recommend starting your anti-aging skincare. So, there is no rule about the age, when you feel like your eye area needs more ”attention”, go for it!

Do I Really Need A Separate Eye Cream?

Well, that’s a tricky question, but the answer is no. If your eyes just need a little bit of moisture then you can use your regular face cream. This works perfectly for most cases. However, if you have more specialized problems like dark circles, saggy eyes, and puffiness then an eye cream is the only way to get rid of them. Generally, eye creams are made for the sensitive under-eye area and contain ingredients in a form and concentrations that are not going to harm you. You can use your regular cream as an eye cream, but keep in mind that it is not specifically for your eyes.

Tips for the right application:

• Be gentle: Do not rub your eyes. Apply the cream with patting and tapping motion and not too close to your eyes. Apply it in the orbital bone, below your brows, and under your eyes and not to your lids and lashes.

• Use the right amount: In general, a pea-sized amount of eye cream is perfect! Do not use too much thinking it will work better cause you are just wasting the product.

• Apply following the rule of thickness. If your eye cream is heavier than your moisturizer, then it should go on top of it.

Extra tip: Apply your moisturizing eye cream on the wet face to make the most out of it!

Do I Have To Use Different Eye Creams A.M And P.M?

You have probably noticed that there are morning and night eye creams just like face creams. Your morning eye cream must have a protective role. Your night eye cream could be restoring, anti-aging, or just moisturizing. In the morning, the UVB rays(the one that causes premature aging, sunburns, and skin cancer) can reach our eye area and cause free radicals that lead to oxidative stress damaging the cell’s DNA. In that way, premature aging happens and small wrinkles appear around your eyes. However, you can prevent premature aging by the use of the right products.

Your morning eye cream must have a protective role. It is good to have SPF and also it is recommended to contain ingredients that ”fight” the free radicals. The best ingredient for this is vitamin C. Your morning cream could also contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides for moisture as well as green tea and caffeine to reduce the puffy and tired eyes. Also, for protection, you can use your regular sunscreen. Just be careful not to put it very close to your eyes as it can be really irritating. Also, wear sunglasses with polarized lenses to block the UV rays.

In the night, your eye cream could be restoring and anti-aging or just moisturizing if you are young.

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The best ingredients to choose for anti-age are retinol, peptides, and of course hyaluronic acid for hydration. It is highly recommended to use the thick and very moisturizing creams in the night as they could cause an oily appearance and in the morning the lighter creams. Now, you are probably wondering why you can’t use an anti-aging eye cream in the morning. The answer is that it can be really dangerous. The anti-aging ingredients and especially retinol makes your skin more prone to sun damage and can cause sunburns. If you choose to use an anti-aging cream in the morning, make sure to use sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours.

If you are in your early 20’s, you can use a general moisturizing eye cream. Just apply in your eye area. Your face sunscreen, which must be your ”must” step in your skincare routine 365 days a year!

How Can I Choose The Right Cream For Me?

You should choose based on your needs. If you have oily skin, prefer eye creams that do not contain oil. If you have sensitive skin, it is good to consult your doctor as the eye area is already sensitive. There is only one rule: Do not choose based on the price. There is a philosophy that expensive products are the best, but this does not always apply to skincare. The best proof is the Korean skincare products that are on a budget and considered the best in the world.

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