Say Goodbye to Frown Lines With These Tips

Wrinkles and fine lines are something that most people deal with as they get older.

However, there are many ways that you can reduce the depth of the wrinkles, smooth our fine lines and reduce frown lines too.

A combination of medical procedures and at-home treatments can radically reduce the visibility of frown lines.

Often we use a cure approach to skin issues rather than preventative measures. If you don’t currently have fine lines and wrinkles, you are in a great position to change your routine.

If you’ve recently looked in the mirror and noticed a few frown lines and wrinkles – fear not! It’s not too late to take care of your skin in a way that reduces them.

Frown Lines

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What are frown lines?

Our faces are the gateway to how we are feeling. When we are happy, we have big beaming smiles that leave smile lines around our mouths and eyes.

If you often find you have a furrowed brow or frown, then you are likely to encounter frown lines.

Frown lines are seen between the eyebrows and on the forehead. Frown lines are often referred to as 11’s as they look similar.

These lines result from a repeated facial movement of squinting, frowning, or furrowing the brow. Although they often happen with age, as the skin naturally becomes thinner.

The frown lines become deeper and eventually become a permanent fixture on your face. Even when you are happy, your face might be showing something different.

At what age can you usually see frown lines?

Frown lines usually begin to appear in the mid-30s, along with smile lines, crow’s feet, and thinning of the skin around the eyes.

What causes frown lines?

Although aging is the most significant cause of most types of wrinkles and fine lines, there are some other common factors:

Sun Exposure

If you don’t wear sunglasses and fail to apply sunscreen, you will notice wrinkles and lines sooner. The UV rays break down the collagen in the skin.


When you are stressed or worried, you tend to furrow your brow more often. These repeated facial expressions compound the frown lines.


If your parents and grandparents have deep frown lines, then you most likely will too. Your DNA plays a role in the development of wrinkles and frown lines.


Smoking is known to restrict blood flow, and less oxygen will get carried to the tissue, contributing to the skin losing its elasticity.

How to get rid of frown lines

Luckily, we have science when it comes to everyday skin concerns and issues, including frown lines.



Surgical Treatment

One of the most effective treatments for frown lines and other wrinkles is a surgical procedure. You could opt for a forehead lift, which removes the fine lines on the forehead.

Alternatively, most people prefer to spot treat the fine lines and frown lines with botox.

Botox can remove the lines on your forehead, smooths the lines at the corner of the mouth, around the eyes, and frown lines. Specialists like Medical Aesthetics Canada have various treatments, including IV therapy, facelifts, and botox.

A doctor can often prescribe Botox, or you may be offered Poly-L-Lactic acid, which is an absorbable injectable filler. The effects last around six months.

At-Home Treatment

At-home treatments aren’t as effective as surgical procedures; however, they can still make a difference.

Keeping yourself as hydrated as possible will keep your skin plump and healthy. Eating a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruit will further increase your natural hydration.

Including fish oils in your daily routine can add much-needed omega-3 fatty acid into your diet. For vegetarians and vegans, there is a flaxseed alternative that can be very beneficial.

Getting enough sleep and even taking naps when you need to is an essential part of keeping your skin looking fabulous. Our skin repairs itself at night, and the more rest and time we can give it, the better.

A daily SPF is something that you can’t skip out on. Protecting your skin from the damage of UVA and UVB rays every day is one of the most significant ways you can protect your skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Daily moisturizer and a rich nourishing nighttime cream are the starting blocks.

Ensuring you remove the layer of dirt and oil each day with a quality cleaner, tone well, and use ampules or targeted cream like eye cream or cream for your age bracket.

Regular weekly facemasks packed with ingredients like hyaluronic acid can give your skin a much-needed boost.

Consider adding collagen into your diet as a supplement, or choose a face cream with collagen. As we age, we lose the ability to create collagen as rapidly as we did in our 20’s.

Kiss goodbye to frown lines when you take a proactive approach to your skincare and use a combination of surgical techniques and at-home support.

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