Natural Hairstyles for African American Women

Summer is here and you surely want to rock your gorgeous hair in a trendy, yet comfortable fashion. This year is all about looking feminine and natural – if actors and models such as Naomi Emma are any indication of current trends and styles, especially African American hairstyles.

Your hair may be a challenge in terms of styling and care, but this does not mean you cannot achieve a cute. Your hairstyle can be fashionable, easy, and all natural hairdo for the summer season. No matter your hair type, we have a handful of natural hairstyles for you to use as inspiration this year.

1. Tinted Afro

Hairstyles for African American women

You cannot go more natural than this: Afro hairstyles are common to women with thick, curly, kinky hair. This year you can spice up your cloud of natural amazing hair with some tints and shades. The summer is all about giving life to your hairdo and sporting something fun, easy to maintain, and suitable to your fun personality. Cherry tints, auburn, burnt orange, highlights, and ombré styles are all good ideas if you want to make the most out of this summer.

Short Afros – teeny weeny afro (TWA) – work best for women who like to wear ha short and be creative with their styling. It is a suitable hairstyle for the wash-and-go type of women. Extra buzz in the shape of tints and color play is exactly what you need to rule this summer.

2. Classic Cornrows

Hairstyles for African American women

Braids, canerows, and cornrows are the go-to choice for long hair. Such a hairstyle offers plenty of options and versatile combinations. The classic cornrows usually mix with buns, twists, pig and ponytails, and more. More importantly, if you want to sport a festival look with a high coolness factor, you can add plenty of braid clips, rings, and other adornments to your cornrows.

This is an excellent and quite traditional hairstyle for the summer, as it is easy to maintain and care for. Just keep in mind that you should wash your hair with attention and let it loose from time to time. Even if such African American hairstyles can hold for weeks, should avoid making overly tight braids, as your hair can break or fall. As one of the best hairstyles for black men and women, we highly recommend you try braiding your hair.

3. Goddess Braids

Hairstyles for African American

Goddess braids are all the rage right now and for all the good reasons. This cornrow-style of braiding is thicker and more textured, larger in size, and incredibly versatile. You can look natural and feminine in an effortless manner with these braids, which you can make and maintain easily. Depending on your braiding style, your goddess braids can make you look casual-chic, slick and seductive, laidback and carefree, or extremely elegant.

You can rock such a hairdo with no problems especially if you have long hair. For a more summery look, you can put to good use, ribbons, rings, hair clips, pins, and other such accessories, to spend an unforgettable summer vacation with minimal maintenance. You can check out more natural hairstyles for African American women on HairMotive and keep in mind to avoid damaging your hair by braiding it too tight.

4. Natural Braids and Frohawk

Hairstyles for African American women

A Frohawk is a natural African American hairstyle that goes great against summer heat. In simple terms, this hairstyle keeps your face and neck cool, while making you look effortlessly amazing. Just as its name suggest, you can play with your natural curls and coils by pinning your natural Afro in a Mohawk. If you want to spice things up, you can braid the hair on the sides for more comfort and easier maintenance.

The mix of slick and stylish sides with the voluminous ringlets is a head-turner wherever you go this summer. The hairstyle is intriguing, well textured, and gorgeous, especially if you use some natural products for keeping your curls defined and the hawk elegantly messy.

5. Bold Undercut with Coils and Tint


Furthermore, if you love wearing your hair short during the summer, a bold undercut with clear separating lines, short and sexy coils on top of your head and a fun light coloring can get you through the summer with zero effort. If you want to keep your curls defined and stylish, use a natural hair care product. Actually, sea salt spray works well to get you a messy beach look.

This African American hairstyle needs some tuning to preserve its shape and look, but your hairstylist will finish the job fast and easy. Heat does not affect this style. Hence, you will achieve the look of a superstar in no time. As we said before, tints, shades, highlights, and balayage are all the rage right now, so pick a nuance that agrees with you summer-loving personality.

Have some fun this summer with natural hairstyles and hairdos. Drop some color & style! Don’t forget use some hair accessories and hair products! Rock the season as if you have won a million dollar on bonus bez depozytu casinos.

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