Is Nail Dip Powder Better Than Gel? Everything You Need to Know

Regular nail polish seems obsolete nowadays. Remember when we used to spend all that time painting and waiting for our nails to dry just for them to chip the next day? Women have been flocking to salons just to negate the maintenance that comes with standard nail polish. Gels have been a popular salon option for many years now. At home gel nail kits or nail wraps from Polish Pops have also been a popular way for women to achieve a long-lasting manicure. However, there is a new product that has been grabbing our attention lately. Nail dip powder has been challenging the market for gel nails with its easy application and acrylic level strength. If you have been loyal to your gel manicure for years, you need to check out nail dip powder. But first, let’s look at each of these nail application methods to determine if nail dip powder is better than gel.

Nail Dip Powder VS Gel

Nail Dip Powder Better Than Gel

Nail Dip Powder Manicure

Nail dip powder is applied first with a base coat and then a dip into the building powder followed by a colored powder. Once you have dipped your nail into the powder you will brush away any excess with the included brush and follow with a liquid activator to set the powder. Then you can finish with a topcoat for added brilliance.

One of the biggest pros with nail dip is how easy it is to apply. If you are not steady enough to paint on standard polish, you will love how easy it is to achieve a perfect at home manicure with a simple dip into the powder.

Another major benefit that you will see with nail dip powder is the wearability. Most women are only reapplying their manicures around once a month, and this is due to nail growth. If our nails didn’t grow, we don’t think we’d ever have to reapply this stuff! It has all the strength of acrylics without any of the damage.

Gel Manicure

Gel polish is applied by using a special type of polish that cures when exposed to UV light. One of the major issues we have with gel manicures is the use of this light. When exposed to the UV rays, the nail beds can become weak and prone to breakage. It is important to note that this damage can occur even if you are doing your own gels with an at home kit.

Home gel kits have been popular over the last ten years and have their own set of pros and cons separate from professionally applied gels. If you are doing your gels at home, then you will have a miniature version of the UV light you see at a salon. Painting and setting your own gel nails can be tricky for novices due to the importance of precise application. If you cure your nails with any excess gel polish sitting between your skin and nail or on your cuticle, the entire gel can start lifting and peel off.

When you go to the salon to get a set of gel nails, the major cons are the amount of time spent driving to and sitting in the salon, and the bill at the end. While you do get a guaranteed flawless application at the salon, you are definitely paying the cost for it.

Which is Better?

If you want salon quality manicures that are time saving and cost effective, then nail dip powder is the answer to your prayers. Gel isn’t as hard and strong as nail dip powder. Nail dip is more comparable to the durability of acrylics, however as mentioned previously, without the damage. The damage upon removal is a big part of why people prefer gels to acrylics. When it comes time to remove nail dip, the damage is more similar to that of a gel manicure. The main source of nail damage with gel comes from the application process rather than the removal. Nail dip is the best choice if you are trying to protect your nail beds from damage.

If you are new to at home manicures, then nail dip powder is also the right choice for you. The simple process and dip method of application makes this product extremely beginner friendly. Because you are not painting on any of the colors, a flawless manicure is easily achievable by anyone.

When it comes to gels, treating yourself to a professional manicure every so often isn’t going to cause significant damage to your nails. But when it comes to regular use, we would go nail dip all the way!

Why You Should Swap Your Gels for Nail Dip Powder

If you are ready to change up your nail routine with the next big thing in nail technology, then make the switch to nail dip powder. The only regret you will have when you switch over is not doing it sooner! Once you are able to achieve long-lasting flawless nails at home you will never go back.

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