Exercising and Its Effect on Your Skins Glow

People constantly harp on and on about how useful and beneficial fitness is. And honestly, they are not wrong. First of all, working out will improve your mood directly by releasing happy hormones, like oxytocin. Secondly, exercising will help you look better, and feel better, thereby increasing your confidence and brightening up your mood. And it’s not just a toned behind and washboard abs we’re talking about. Namely, working out regularly also does wonders for your skin.

A regular exercising routine, no matter what it actually is, can lead to a host of benefits that make you look younger, and of course, healthier.

Exercising and Its Effect on Your Skins Glow

1. Minimize Wrinkles

First of all, regularly working out can minimize and reduces wrinkles. It can help you postpone their occurrence, minimize their severity, and just in general help, keep it young and fresh. This is all achieved through the stress hormone cortisol. Namely, regular exercise is fantastic for the reduction of cortisol and cortisol-related issues.

Now, high levels of cortisol lead to acne breakouts. Furthermore, it also causes the breakdown of collagen. A lack of collagen, or broken down collagen, leads to wrinkles and old-looking, sagging skin. So, working out leads to the lowering of stress, leading to better collagen. Furthermore, your diet will most likely be better with a good workout routine since you will most likely crave healthy foods, which again leads to healthier, better skin.

2. Purge Your Skin From Toxins

Exercising and its effect on your skins glow

One of the best things about exercise is that makes you sweat! That means you get the chance to further cleanse your body of toxins. Sweat essentially flushes out your pores, it rinses out the gunk that can clog your pores (which leads to blemishes), as well as get all those nasty chemicals and oily foods out of you.

In fact, some have compared a good sweat session from exercise with a mini-facial. The tiny arteries within dilate, they open up and allow more blood to reach the surface of your skin.

Now, a quick tip. Don’t use the same shirt for more than one workout, even it completely dried off. We understand the impulse to conserve resources and time, and that it’s much easier to simply reuse the same shirt twice, no more than that. However, know that it most likely soaked up all the nasty chemicals and toxins your body is trying to get rid of. Putting it on again just means you’re getting all that nastiness on you again.

3. Glow

It’s true, the post-workout glow is very real. That healthy flush of rosy cheeks and general beaming is due to the huge amount of oxygen your blood gets after a workout. Getting your heart pumping from a tone of exercise, no matter the type, leads to greater oxygenation of your entire body, your skin just being one organ that is benefiting from the situation.

Furthermore, your skin will produce natural oils, making it look nice and healthy. IT will also get naturally moisturized from these oils, leading to a stronger, healthy glow. And the keyword here is glow, and not shine or glisten. There is a very clear distinction when you compare oily skin with a post-workout glow.

4. Some Extra Muscle

sport makes your skin glow


Muscles have a very clear benefit. Namely, they are part of what everybody calls “toning”. You don’t really tone your legs, for example. What you actually do is lose fat, and gain muscle, thus making your legs, but, arms, etc., shapelier. Now, what does that have to do with skin? Well, you can think of it’s like filling up a balloon. When your skin is placed on muscles, on a firm and hard tissue, it will look better and firmer. Some extra muscle also makes cellulite appear less prominent.

The best part is that the type of exercise doesn’t matter. You can lift weights, go for a run, or join up a pilates group. You can invest in expensive fencing gear, get some high-quality downhill bikes, and go all out in that battle armor American Football Players call a uniform. The point being, you can do whatever you want, as long as it helps you build muscle and lose fat. Just remember to keep your diet good too, get lots of protein, some healthy fats, and minimize sugar, alcohol, and simple carbs.

5. Skin Repair

There are some reports that exercise may, in fact, help your skin repair itself. Namely, when you exercise, the tiny blood vessels in your skin dilate. They open up, allowing more blood to flow through them. More blood means more nutrients and oxygen. More nutrients and oxygen means that your skin has more building blocks to work with, and so more options to actually repair any damage that has been done.

6. Sleep and Skin

working out and its effect on your skins glow

There are also some special benefits that exercise gives you that indirectly improve your skin. One of these is better sleep. When you work out regularly, you will sleep better. Being physically exhausted, and getting rid of stress and drama, will help you fall asleep much more easily. The thing is – sleep is vital for regeneration and repair. When you sleep you can expect your skin to repair any damage it might have suffered during the day. Sleeping less will lead to the formation of bags under your eyes, as well as preventing your skin from regenerating fully.


Exercise is great for your body and for your mind. It calms you down, it soothes you. Working out allows you to expel negative energy, and to create room for positivity and a growth-centered mind-set. However, exercising regularly also makes you look better. You will obviously lose fat and tone up a bit, but the benefits to your skin are also substantial. More exercise means cleaner skin through sweating, and fewer wrinkles thanks to lowering cortisol levels. Some extra muscle will also make your skin seem tighter. Finally, exercising, in general, is just so good for you that nicer skin is just a nice and simple addition to it all.

authorSarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.