Everything You Should Know About a Tooth Piercing

Most probably you have already heard about teeth whitening, tooth polishing, tooth piercing… A lot of people confuse teeth whitening and teeth polishing. The main goal of teeth whitening is getting rid of tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth. Additionally, this procedure is typically performed for the purpose of preventing tooth decay and gum disease. When it comes to teeth polishing, this type of procedure is done in order to make your enamel smooth and glossy. If you want professional help with this, you can get beautiful smiles with the dentist in santa monica.

This dentist in Mathews also adds that you may accidentally swallow the jewel if it falls out, and if you’re allergic to the jewel, you may experience irritation.

tooth piercing

The term tooth piercing might be new to you. Ear or body piercing sound normal but tooth piercing might sound extremely strange to the vast majority of people. This is a type of dental procedure that involves placing a stone, gem or any other type of jewelry onto your teeth. A tooth piercing is not a very popular procedure and is normally done by the youngsters. Some people go for a tooth piercing in order to follow the trend.

Without any doubt this procedure can be very appealing to some people and sparkle the smile. However, this procedure has certain risks involved as well. Tooth piercing is normally done after teeth whitening and teeth polishing procedures as people want to place a piece of jewelry on clean and glassy teeth. The following section of this article depicts the key aspects about tooth piercing every person should know about.

What is a Tooth Piercing?

Tooth piercing is not just a hole drilled through a person’s tooth. This procedure involves gentle placing of a piece of jewelry to the tooth’s surface. There are numerous gems available on the market that can be placed onto your tooth and some of them are as follows:

      1. Sapphires
      2. Diamonds
      3. Rubies
      4. Crystals

Tooth piercing is normally performed on a tooth that is located in front of your mouth, which should be also away from the gum area. Specialists in the field of tooth piercing claim that temporary tooth piercing can last up to 6 weeks. When it comes to semi-permanent tooth piercing, it can be left for as long as the person wishes.

How Does This Procedure Look?

Tooth piercing is a relatively straightforward procedure and it does not typically involve any pain before and after placing a jewel. Tooth piercing procedure typically includes the following steps:

1. Tooth preparation: this stage involves cleaning your tooth enamel and this task is accomplished by using an acid etch.

2. Composition application: after your tooth enamel is cleaned, a composite will be applied to the area where the jewelry will be placed.

3. Jewelry placement: the next phase is the actual placing of jewelry. During this step, a dentist will make use of professional instruments in order to secure jewelry into the composite.

4. Setting: a special lamp is used for the purpose of hardening the composite. The duration of this step normally varies between 20 to 60 seconds and this is optimal time for the jewel to set into the composite.

5. Aftercare: dentists do not recommend brushing the teeth vigorously and eating spicy foods. It is extremely important to practice proper oral hygiene after a tooth piercing. You should also avoid playing and touching the jewelry once it is placed.

In the vast majority of cases, drilling is not required for this type of procedure. However, some people prefer their teeth drilled for a more permanent result. Tooth drilling is also applicable for tooth rings. Although, specialists do not recommend making use of this option as it causes irreversible damage to a person’s tooth.

tooth piercing

Who is Classified to Perform Tooth Piercing?

This is one of the most common questions people have about tooth piercing. This procedure can be performed at almost any dental clinic or piercing parlor. However, just like with any other piercing, you have to look for a trained professional. You also need to make sure that this procedure is performed in a sterile and clean office. There are also a lot of dentists who are able to perform tooth piercing. If it happens that you change your mind and do not want to have tooth piercing anymore, you can wait until it falls off or make use of dentist service.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Everything around you involves a certain degree of risk and a tooth piercing is not an exclusion. One of the most common complications is that the jewelry can potentially break from the tooth and be swallowed. Other potential risks associated with a tooth piercing are mentioned below.

    1. Allergic reaction
    2. Tooth sensitivity
    3. Damaged or chipped teeth
    4. Enamel abrasion or wear
    5. Mouth infection
    6. Bad smell in the mouth (therefore, patients will have to use antibacterial solutions for the purpose of getting rid bad smell in the mouth)
    7. Tooth decay because of impaired brushing
    8. Damage to the lips if the jewelry rubs against them

In addition to that, the tooth’s surface can be permanently damaged during the process of tooth preparation and conditioning. It should be also said that there is limited research on how safe wearing tooth piercing is. This is normally because of the fact that this is an extremely rare procedure.

What are the Main Reasons for Making Use of a Tooth Piercing?

The most common reason for placing a tooth piercing is the appearance. In addition to that, if the piece of jewelry is attached to the right place, it might hide a stained area or a tooth discoloration. It is also sometimes used for the purpose of filling in small gaps between teeth. Some people opt for this option as this is a temporary, invasive and painless procedure.

tooth piercing

How Much Does it Cost?

According to recent studies, the cost of a tooth piercing in the United States starts from $25. However, it should be also mentioned that $25 is not the fixed price and the total price of a tooth piercing varies across the country, professional, and clinic. Recent research also indicated that the highest price for tooth piercing spotted in the United States is $45. Just as with teeth whitening and teeth polishing, tooth piercing is not covered by the medical insurance. The main reason for that is that it is done for cosmetic purposes rather than medical.

It is also worth mentioning that there are several dental insurance plans that might cover teeth whitening, teeth polishing and tooth piercing. However, these plans are going to be extremely expensive when compared to regular plans.

To summarize the aforementioned, it can be said that a tooth piercing is an extremely rare procedure, which involves placing a piece of jewelry onto a person’s tooth. This type of procedure does not possess as many risks as other oral piercing techniques. However, a tooth piercing still involves a certain degree of risks. It is highly recommended to have dental check up on a regular basis. Normally, you need to visit a dentist every 6 month for the purpose of ensuring that the jewelry is not causing any damage to your gums and teeth.

It is also extremely essential to perform this procedure at an experienced professional. It will be a good move to contact people who already have a tooth piercing and ask whether they are satisfied with the results and the professional.

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