Easy Skin Care Tips for Men

Who says men should not bother about taking care of their skin? They need to take care of their skin in the same way women do. Everyone desires to have good looks, but very few are ready to make intentional steps to take care of their skin.

If you desire to have glowing and attractive skin like most women, continue reading. Here are some basic skin care tips that will help you.

skin care for men
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1. Cleanse

Using a high-quality facial cleanser that fits your skin will go a long way in improving the freshness of your skin. You must target cleansing your face daily to get rid of excess oil, germs and dirt that settle in your face during the day. This will help prevent clogged pores and skin break out

If your skin is the super oily type, always cleanse your face in the mornings while if you have the dry or dehydrated skin type, always cleanse in the afternoons.

Avoid using face scrub or harsh soap on your face; it is destructive to your skin. Instead, use the right facial cleanser (a gentle one) which will not make your skin dry. It removes excess oil, accumulated residues and dirt from your skin.

2. Exfoliate

The process of exfoliation gives room for healthier skin cells to live on the outer surface of the skin. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells, thus giving you a fresh and brighter skin complexion while minimizing wrinkles and pimples.

Exfoliate your skin using a gentle face scrub twice a day. Consistently do it for a month, and you are on your way to having smooth skin without blemish.

If you have oily skin, you should exfoliate your skin twice a week. However, if you have dry skin, exfoliate just once a week.

skin care for men
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You remove gunk and dead skin cells from your body each time you exfoliate. Your skin, therefore, becomes less dry and facilitates a standard skin-cell turnover rate. Exfoliation also plays a crucial role in preventing ingrown hairs each time you shave and help in unclogging your pores.

The best exfoliate to use is chemical exfoliate. It prevents acne, improves skin tone, and removes clogged pores.

3. Moisturize Using SPF

Skin Moisturizing is simply the process of maintaining the moisture of your skin which is lost as a result of weather and other factors. Moisturizing prevents your skin from getting dry. We recommend that every guy should always apply moisturizers with SPF 30 or more to protect their skin from hazardous UV rays.

Moisturizing your skin is a critical step in achieving a supple, soft and healthy skin. If you don’t want your face to feel as dry as sandpaper, then you must always moisturize your face.

Each time you cleanse your skin, you are also washing off natural/beneficial moisture produced by your body. Hence you must replace it by using moisturizers; otherwise, you will start having dull, dehydrated and dry skin.

According to Australian assignment help, men generally have oilier faces than women. Men with oily to normal skin can get more moisture by using a hydrating gel or light lotion. But men with drier skin should try using heavier creams. Nevertheless, you should always pick a moisturiser with vitamin E to maintain supple skin.

4. Exercise

You might be wondering how exercise help in maintaining the health of your skin. But you must know that each time you engage in any physical activity or exercise, toxins are released from your body via the sweat pores. Sweat leaves your skin fresh and cleanses the body.

You must always take your bath after rigorous physical activity or exercise. Otherwise, the sweat released might dry up and lead to irritation and itching.

skin care for men

5. Beard Oil, Shaving Cream/Aftershave Balm

Shaving is one great way of getting rid of hair and dead skin cells. To have a seamless shaving experience, you must always apply high-quality shaving cream. It gives you a pain-free and comfortable shaving experience and also protects your skin from cuts. Additionally, shaving cream plays a crucial role in moisturizing your skin.

If you have growing facial hair, then beard oil should be your companion. It helps moisturize the skin underneath and also softens facial hair.

Mostly, after shaving, the skin tends to get dry instead of getting moisturized. Thus, using moisturized aftershave balms will help reduce the irritation caused by shaving and help soothe your skin.


The tips shared in this post are easy and straightforward. If you consistently and deliberately engage them for months, you are sure of having a shiny, soft, fresh, attractive, good looking and healthy skin.

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