Does Your Makeup Influence Your Lecturers’ Attitude?

If you’ve ever wondered whether wearing makeup can influence your school performance, here is a cool discussion about it. This is important as we must understand how our actions influence perceptions. We should also learn how to deal with the outcomes of any given situation, which is another topic of today’s discussion. Since so many powerful women wear makeup as a means of enriching their beauty, we thought that learning about makeup and school could be quite an opportunity for some to tap into their daily habits and explore them. This is fun, exciting, and hopefully super helpful for many of you!

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Before we begin, I want to mention that you don’t have to wear makeup in order to be successful, this is just the misconception of the century (if you’ve ever been exposed to such comments). You are beautiful just the way you are so there is no need to cover your face with various products to feel more confident. Use this article as a means of exploring your feminine side and thus, enhance your self-love. Enjoy!

The Makeup Features That Define You

Here are some of the most important things to consider when wearing makeup. According to our study, this is how these various features will influence your academic environment. For most cases, wearing makeup is something REALLY smart to do!

The lipstick is important. Back in the days, the women in Mesopotamia used to wear heavy makeup styles, especially when it came to their lips. That is because this is how they chose to express their femininity. Wearing red lipstick (but not only red!) will help you look amazing all the time and in good shape, thus influencing your lecturer’s opinion on how interested in the coursework you are. More than that, lipstick will also make you look more awake and creative! Also, even if you do not wear any other type of makeup, lipstick will help you look sharp and put together all the time. So, when you’ve had a rough day, put on some lipstick and rock that class – no one will be able to tell!

The foundation must appear natural. “A heavy foundation will make you look false, so make sure you pick one that fits your face and color. Once you pick the right one for you, you will always look ready to go! That is because foundation covers imperfections and gives you the desired skin tone, making you look sharp and on top of your work,” writes NSBroker worker and magazine blogger, Queen Jay. It also gives you a perfect, light appearance that you’ll carry around with you throughout the day.

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Your eyes are a window to your soul. Wearing eyeliner is another part of the process; it will not only elongate your eye line but also make your jaw look more mature. To put it bluntly, you will look older if you choose to wear eye makeup, which might influence your lecturer’s opinion about you. Why? Because the older students are, the better versed they are, and thus, the more things they know. Thus, if you look more mature, you must be one of the most serious students in the class. Also, you might look the one with the most experience, which is another plus. You can impress your lecturer by being yourself! Not many people have the chance to do that.

Makeup Makes Women Feel Healthier

Many women agree that wearing makeup makes them feel stronger in the workplace. That is, firstly, because makeup makes many people look healthier and feel healthier. If you look healthier, your academic evaluators will be more inclined to believe that you take good care of yourself, which is the first step into developing self-esteem. The second step is acquiring abundant knowledge in an academic environment, which is exactly what you are there to do. The healthier you look, the more determined you will feel; the more determined you are, the more attention you’ll get from your mentors!

Boosts Confidence

The well-known “lipstick effect” is a psychological phenomenon that boosts women’s confidence when wearing makeup because their attraction level increases. Researchers from the University of Chieti in Italy and Harvard Medical School in the United States suggest that the positive emotions that come with wearing makeup are closely and positively correlated to academic performance, which should be a clear indicator that makeup does influence perceptions. As we all know, self-esteem interacts with cognition, which is the reason why some women might be more successful in school, overall, than men.

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The Impression That You Are Giving

As I said, the better you feel, the better you look, so people will consider you more successful if you wear makeup and feel great about it. That is why some professors might offer you increased attention – you might be saying things other students are not because of your boosted confidence level and your stronger connection with yourself.


Makeup is just another tool that people are using to enhance their qualities and boost their confidence. It is helpful and it can develop stronger cognitive abilities! However, this does not mean that you should start wearing makeup just for the sake of it, especially if you are not one of those women that need it or would benefit from it. So, consider it, but then make sure that you make decisions based on your ideas, thoughts, and emotions. If you look just as great without makeup, then please don’t put it on!

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