Discover the Latest Trends in Gel Nails for Spring

When it comes to picking out your next nail style, the options are so numerous it can almost be overwhelming. A trip to the nail salon usually begins with a long “umm…” from me as I peruse the color options and consider the big decision. Everything from the colors and patterns to the shape of your nails matters, and each aspect of your style choice might give off a different vibe. Are you going for elegance? A professional look? Or do you want to show people that you’re ready to have fun?

With gel nails, you can really go the extra mile. Thanks to the layering of the gel, there’s much more you can do with designs and patterns than there is with regular nail polish. And to make those designs even more accessible to anyone, semi cured gel nails are taking over the DIY nail scene. They come as pre-made nail strips with the pattern you desire already completed on them, and then you simply shape them to your nail and cure them. And the available patterns and designs are nearly endless.

DIY gel nails for spring

So what direction do you want to go in for your next nail style choice? Here are a few trends that are in-vogue this spring.


In 2022, people are going green – in more ways than one. Everybody is working green into their outfits, their accessories, and now their nails. From deep shades of forest green to lighter seafoams to green patterns, the color is taking over. It can be earthy, it’s rarely flashy (unless you make it so… which is always an option), and it’s just enough to catch the eye.

Solid Colors

Green isn’t the only color that’s in this spring. Many are still opting for a classic manicured look, with one simple solid color across your nails. These nails won’t be stopping traffic and may not immediately grab someone’s attention, but their simplicity and consistency adds to any look and can be the perfect complimentary accessory. And the color you choose can be a statement in itself. Red, for example, can be sexy and bold, while black is more of a dark intrigue. Yellow? Springtime happiness. The options are endless, even when you’re just going for a solid color.

Party Nail (Single Nail Feature)

A personal favorite of mine, the single nail feature (or party nail as I prefer to call them) is the perfect mix of classic and exciting. Opting for solid-colored nails with the exception of one nail on each finger gives you both subtlety and an attention-grabbing feature at the same time. I find that it sends the message that you’re both serious and playful. It’s like, those eight solid-colored nails are you during the workweek, and that one party nail is a sample of you on a Saturday night. It gives people a little glimpse of another side of you and leaves them wanting to know more. The single nail feature is pretty easy to achieve, too; you can easily do it yourself with classic nail polish, or there are numerous sets of party nail packs available in semi cured gel nail strips that can give you inspiration as you’re choosing a color and style for that single nail feature.


With DIY options like semi cured gel nails, working gemstones into your nail choice is easier than ever. Good thing, too, because gemstones are all the rage this spring. They add a three-dimensional element to your nails along with an eye-catching sparkle. If you want your nails to stand out, this is a good place to start. You can still keep it simple too, with just one gemstone per hand, or you can really take it up a few notches with each nail adorning a shining stone, calling attention to your hands with every glimmer of light.

Themed Nails

This spring, let your nails match the event. Or the holiday, or the mood. Or represent your favorite tv show or your favorite food. Themed nails are all the rage, and whether you get them done at a salon or use semi cured gel nails, they’ll certainly be a conversation starter in any situation. As you can probably guess, there semi cured gel nail sets for just about any theme, and it saves you the time of having them done at a salon, so that’s my personal preference. There are sets with tulips for spring, sets with hearts for romance; there are even sets with cartoon dogs, if you’re a dog mom and want to show the world. Regardless of what you choose,  what better way to show off what you’re into at the moment than to put that theme on your nails?

Polka Dots

Polka dots, in my opinion, are made for spring. They’re perfect with pastels, they’re perfect with bright colors, and they’re sure to draw attention to your perfectly manicured nails. I’m not interested in rocking polka dots in the winter months. You don’t necessarily want them with a deep red or a dark green. But with spring colors? Polka dots are begging you to be included.

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