Can Hydrafacials Help With Rosacea?

Are you experiencing a rosacea flare-up? Dermatologists recommend HydraFacial’s to treat Rosacea but are they worth it?

Yes, Hydrafacials can help you manage rosacea. Dermatologists recommend Hydrafacials as one of the multiple treatments you may need for your skin. Studies show that a patient’s general appearance and comfort remarkably improve after a Hydrafacial.

Can Hydrafacials Help With Rosacea

Rosacea is a long-term condition that causes red patches and visible blood vessels on your face and chest. Small red bumps filled with pus appear particularly on the nose, chin, and cheeks. You may also experience irritation in your eyes and hot flashes on your face. In severe cases, a nose reddens and enlarges causing a condition called rhinophyma. Globally, rosacea affects 10 in 100 people aged 35-50 and it’s most common in women.  Additionally, this chronic condition mostly affects light-skinned people.

According to the National Rosacea Society, several factors trigger rosacea flare-ups such as alcohol, hot and cold beverages, UV-light, stress, etc. Since the condition affects your appearance it may impair the quality of your life. Unfortunately, rosacea is incurable but Hydrafacials can improve its symptoms effectively.

Rosacea Myths Debunked

Can Hydrafacials Help With Rosacea

To treat your skin, we need to understand what rosacea entails and correct some myths that may mislead you. These facts are vital information you’ll need to achieve and maintain good results in your treatment.

Myth Fact
Rosacea is a type of acne It’s not an acne condition although its symptoms are similar
Topical creams are the only treatments for rosacea There are oral medications like erythromycin and clarithromycin that treat rosacea. Skincare procedures like laser treatments and hydrafacials are other options.
Spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and hot beverages cause rosacea Rosacea’s cause is unknown. These foods are factors that trigger the condition
Rosacea heals if left untreated Ignoring rosacea’s symptoms worsens the condition
Poor hygiene causes rosacea There are factors that trigger rosacea symptoms that aren’t hygiene-related and using harsh cleaning products on your skin aggravates the condition
I don’t need sunscreen because I have rosacea Although chemical sunscreens cause flare-ups, you can use sun-block that omits harsh chemicals. Avobenzone, homosalate, oxybenzone, etc. are a number of ingredients you ought to avoid.


Why Hydrafacials Are Good For Rosacea

Can Hydrafacials Help With Rosacea

A Hydrafacial removes some of the rosacea’s worst symptoms. The treatment tackles bumps, large pores, and facial redness. Every step of a Hydrafacial is critical in your skin’s treatment.

Hydrafacial Steps in Rosacea Treatment

    1. Detoxify through a massage on the face to drain your skin’s lymphatic system. The massage improves blood circulation and relieves the tight discomfort rosacea patients feel. Draining toxins through the lymphatic system reduces pus-filled bumps and spots.
    2. Exfoliate to remove dirt, oil, and dead cells. Cleanse the skin.
    3. Use natural botanical extracts like lactic acid to treat hyperpigmentation because certain chemical peels can irritate your rosacea and worsen its redness. Use a patented nozzle tool to gently suction and unclog pores.
    4. Apply a hydrating serum that is rich in glucosamine to encourage cell regeneration and inhibit the development of a red pigment. The serum should have antioxidants like Vitamin A and E to reduce inflammation and wrinkles for a younger look.
    5. Use a hand-held infra-red light device across the skin to accelerate the repair of broken blood vessels and slow down your skin’s flushing.

Hydrafacial procedure

Most clients observe the redness of their skin reduces significantly after one treatment. Your esthetician may recommend a series of treatments to get optimal results.  Your Hydrafacial shouldn’t be your only treatment for rosacea and acne. Apart from this facial, you should use skin medications and a detailed daily regimen to treat your skin.


If you suffer from rosacea, we recommend Hydrafacials to effectively treat its symptoms. Use other options like antibiotics and topical products in a skincare routine to maximize the treatment’s benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How should I prepare for my hydrafacial?

If a doctor prescribed medication for your rosacea, continue using it. Use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight before and after the treatment. A hydrafacial for rosacea doesn’t have downtime, you can resume your normal skincare routine immediately.

How much is a hydrafacial for my rosacea condition?

Hydrafacials range between 180$ to 300$. Since your esthetician customises your treatment to suit your skin’s needs, the cost may vary

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