Best Wax Heater Models: Our favorites

In the past, women used to melt the wax they were going to use for waxing in a water bath using a pot on the fire. The method was not practical because as soon as a few minutes passed, the wax cooled and needed to return to the stove.

Nowadays, you no longer need to have all this work, as there are wax heaters, making the procedure much safer and faster. In this ranking, we will show you the best models for you to have at home.

best wax heater

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There are several methods of hair removal: those that remove only the surface of the hair, such as razors, and those that remove hair by the root, such as cold and hot wax, tweezers, hair styling, pulsed light, and laser. The heaters are also different; there are two types: the conventional (also called thermocera) for honey wax and the roll-on wax heater.The heater is a type of electric “pan” with a thermostat and resistance for conventional wax. The roll-on wax is a base connected to the socket that must be attached to the container that receives the wax refill.

Depiroll Wax Heater Kit

The Depiroll kit is the complete option you will find, as in addition to the wax heater device and the device holder, it comes with a roll-on wax, a pack of TNT wipes to pull the wax, and an oil remover. It is efficient and safe to use for waxing. The works fast, using this only in 30 minutes the wax is ready to use.

Mega Bell Titanium Wax Heater 1000g

The wax heater of the Titanium line from Mega Bell melts up to 1 kg of wax in tablets and keeps it warm throughout the procedure. This device has a temperature regulator, operation indicator, and voltage selector switch. The resistance is armored, and the outer covering is made of ABS.

This model allows the refill kit, which facilitates hygiene during the wax application to the person, to be epilated. You can find this model in the Junior (400g) and Standard (700g) versions and several color options. You can buy this on Amazon.

Mega Roll-on Wax Heater

Mega’s wax heater was developed to melt and keep the roll-on wax warm. This model has a universal fit; It is compatible with all types and brands of roll-on wax refills.

This model is bivoltine, has a double heater, automatic temperature control, and side display to check the level of wax available in the refill and the heating achieved.

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