5 Half Updos for Perfect Everyday and Party Looks

Every girl knows how difficult it can be to choose and make a gorgeous hairstyle, whether it is for a special occasion or a casual day out and about. Even if we opt for a minimal makeup look or maybe choose to go makeup-free, we still want our hair to look put together and cute. That is why half-up hairstyles are perfect for all sorts of occasions. They are easy to do, go with all hair types, and are not excessively time-consuming.

Half Updo hairstyle for Perfect Everyday and Party Looks
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We bring you the top five half-up half-down hairdos that will look amazing on you, both for a daytime look and for a night out.

Elegant Half-up Ponytail

Half Updo ahirstyle for Perfect Everyday and Party Looks
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We all know that an adorable half-up ponytail is always a good option for a trendy hairstyle. However, you can spice up this look a bit by adding a romantic velvet ribbon to it. Vintage bows are a huge trend and a number of famous ladies love to wear them on the red carpet. So, bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to your hair and go for this beautiful hairdo. Simply take the upper section of your hair and backcomb it slightly. Then secure everything with an elastic and attach an elegant bow to it or wrap a velvet ribbon around the half-up ponytail. To make the look even more feminine, use a curling tool and add a few waves to your hair. To finish off the hairdo, apply a bit of hairspray.

Effortless Fishtails

Half Updo hairstyle for Everyday
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Whether you are in a rush to catch the train to make it on time for work or if you are late to meet your friends at the club, this hairstyle can be just what you need. It takes just a bit of time to make it and it looks chic and modish. However, you will get the best results if your hair is long and voluminous. In case you have shorter and thinner hair, don’t worry and use hair extensions. Just make sure that you go for silky and quality hair, such as the one offered by brands like Lush Hair, and try to get a color that is the most similar to your natural shade of hair. Once you have your hair extensions on, take the front locks that frame your face. Make two fishtail braids and put them together at the back of your head, securing them with bobby pins. No need to curl or straighten your hair, as this hairdo looks fabulous on all hair textures.

Modern Half-bun

Half Updo hairstyle
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This charming mix of a half-ponytail and a top knot will look stunning on any occasion. Blow-dry your hair so that it looks voluminous and rich, and put the upper parts into a half-bun. Secure everything with an elastic and to add a modern twist to this hairstyle, use a stylish barrette. You can go for a subtle version of this type of hair accessory if you are using it for a daytime look, or go colorful and sparkly if you are about to go out partying.

A Cool Braid and a Top Knot

Perfect Everyday and Party Looks
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A simple, yet effective top knot is a hairstyle that looks incredible with all kinds of outfits. You can wear it with a cotton tee and a pair of washed-out jeans or with a cocktail dress and a biker jacket. To make this hairdo a bit more special, add a braid to it. Take the upper part of your hair and start braiding it until you reach the back of your head. Then stop braiding and put the remaining hair into a messy top knot. You can additionally take a few front locks and pull them out, to make the hairstyle softer and romantic. Now you can apply some texturizing hairspray and you are good to go to a Sunday brunch or a Friday night party.

Boho Half-do

Perfect Everyday and Party hairstyle Looks
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If you love simple hairstyles and hair accessories, then you will be enchanted with this hairdo. It requires voluminous and wavy hair, so get your hair extensions and curling iron. Once you have your extensions set and the hair curly, take the upper, front pieces and put them into a loose half-up ponytail. Use a transparent hair tie and then twist the ponytail inside out. This simple step will make the hairdo a bit chicer, and to get a total boho vibe, opt for flower bobby pins or the ones inspired by stars. In case you have fresh flowers within your reach, get creative and use them to get a natural and lovely, boho hair look.

Finally, these half updos are not only beautiful but also very versatile, so you can wear them every day and on every occasion. Try them, as there is no doubt that you will love wearing them all.

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