10 Things You Must Avoid to Keep Your Nails Safe

Keeping your nails safe and healthy is not an easy deed. You want them to look fantastic while staying healthy and ready for any job. And that, as a surprise for many people, is not something you can achieve in a matter of minutes, hours or days. Visit Womenangle.com to see nail care products to meet your nails safe.

To keep your fingernails safe, there’s nothing better than avoiding the things that could damage them. Along with the right routines & an excellent diet, you can always keep your nails safe as long as you prevent doing what causes damage.

Here we will explain all those activities that usually promote brittle, cracked, split, or even broken nails – all actions you should always avoid. Want to know more about these activities you should stay away from? So keep scrolling down and learn!

how to keep your nails safe

1 Don’t Bite, Pull or Pick Fingernails

Not many people know this, but biting your nails is probably the worst thing you can do. Along with pulling hangnails and picking inside the nails – you may eventually let bacteria get inside and cause infection. What’s even worse, you may end up harming your nails and weakening them, or also damaging your finger’s skin and cause wounds.

So every time you feel the need to rip tissue around the nails, pick inside, pull off a hanging piece of nail, or just biting them – remember that these actions can produce pretty damaging effects.

The best you can do is to grab a trimmer or filer and get rid of everything that hangs or looks terrible. Once you do this, you won’t have to do anything else; you’ll be ducking the awful effects of treating your fingernails wrong.

Let’s use nail strengtheners to make your nail stronger and healthier.

2 Don’t Peel Off Nail Gel or Polisher

keep your nails safe

This doesn’t apply to everyone, as not every woman likes to apply polisher or nail gel. So for women who do, it’s crucial never to peel off gel or polisher from fingernails.

When you peel off polisher or gel, you’re getting pieces of nails along with whatever peels off. Every part or cell of the nail that goes away with the product eventually causes your fingernail to weaken, and that may end up in brittle, cracked or split fingernails.

This won’t only cause damage but also make your nails look horrible. To prevent that, the best you can do is to get rid of polisher or gel with acetone. While acetone is not the best of products for this, it’s always better than peeling off your nails yourself.

This way, you can prevent doing so with your nails or any sharp item that could eventually chip away your nails.

3 Don’t Let Them Grow Too Long

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Along with keeping your safe from damaging products and not biting or pulling them off – it is also ideal to never let them grow too much.

Long nails can be pretty and exciting, but they can also be unsafe and unhealthy. Actually, the longer your fingernails are, the more likely they are to break, chip, crack, or even split. So it is essential to keep them short by filing and trimming them down every week or twice a month.

Just make sure you never let them grow too long, and that’s it. Especially if you are someone who uses them a lot, keeping them short will be ideal for healthy & strong fingernails.

4 Don’t Use Dirty or Damaging Tools

Every time you use a trimmer, filer or even a picker to get the dirt off, make sure you’re using clean and disinfected products. One of the worst enemies of healthy nails is bacteria. And when you don’t clean your tools, bacteria tend to grow on them and sometimes even turn infectious.

Especially if we’re talking about metal tools, it’s essential to keep them free of any impurity. You can do so by doing a good wash every time after and before using. If you can grab a towel and rub some alcohol, that would be even better.

And if you’re using a nail tool that’s broken or doesn’t work correctly, it’s always better to dispose of it and find a new one. You may spend more money than expected, but you will prevent tons of damage to your fingernails.

5 Don’t Use Too Many Products

keep your nails safe

Even though we recommend the use of acetone, we also think it is pretty damaging to your nails if you use too much. And guess what, acetone is the most effective nail polish remover out there. So instead of needing it to remove polisher, focus on never painting your nails so you won’t need acetone at all.

When you coat your nails with tons of polisher, you do it with the whole purpose of adding exciting looks to your nails. But this in the long term produces your nails to dry off and sometimes even chip. What’s even worse, this eventually demands the use of acetone to get rid of the paint.

To prevent all that, try not to use too much nail polisher. Or what would be even better, try to avoid the use of polisher once and for all. If you can stay without polisher for months and only use for special dates or holidays, you’ll be doing your nails a considerable favor.

6 Don’t Touch Your Cuticles

Women love to cut, trim, and remove cuticles from their nails to clean them and supposedly make them look better. But instead, what they’re doing is just damaging their fingers and nails in the process, and opening entrances for bacteria and germs to get inside their skin.

Cuticles are not parts of your fingers to cut. Instead, they have the purpose of protecting and sealing the area that connects the nail with the skin. If you cut or trim them off, you’ll be opening the passage and leaving space to your skin but also beneath the nails so germ and bacteria can create the perfect place for growth.

That’s we recommend to keeping your hands off your cuticles as much as possible. What most experts recommend is to push the cuticles back gently and clean the area. Then add some cuticle oil or a creamy lotion to the cuticles and let them grow back to their place with time.

Do this once a week or every time you do nail care, and you’ll have beautiful & healthy nails while preventing any possible infection.

7 Don’t Use Artificial Nails

how to keep nails safe

Every woman loves to have unique and exciting designs with acrylic or gel nails, but these can also be damaging.

Most experts actually advise to never use any kind of synthetic manicure to prevent harm in the nails. This happens because nails are live tissue as well, and keeping them covered with a plastic product such as acrylic or gel may weaken them with time.

Another side effect of using artificial nails is that ultraviolet rays tend to activate some properties in the gel or acrylic that increase the risk of cancer in your skin.

You can still use artificial nails for special occasions, but in those cases don’t let the acrylic or gel on for too much. And if you can, apply sunscreen in the nails to prevent any possible UV damage. You’ll have beautiful synthetic nails that don’t cause any side effect – but always if you keep them for a short time.

Every time you think of getting your nails done with synthetic products, think it twice. You’ll be keeping your nails safe this way.

8 Don’t Paint over Dirty or Oily Nails

Using organic polishers once a month can be a great way to add some life to your nails without damage. You’ll be avoiding harmful chemicals and let your nails breathe if you don’t apply too often. But even still, you’ll need to apply the polisher only when your fingernails are completely clean.

Not only oily and dirty nails hold the polisher for less time, but it also creates the perfect environment for bacteria from oil & filth to grow.

That’s why we recommend to always cleaning your nails entirely before applying any product. Even if you’re applying cuticle oil or any moisturizer, it would be ideal for getting rid of body oil or filth inside or over. You’ll be getting rid of possible infections and preventing the waste of your nail products.

9 Don’t Do Heavy Work with Unprotected Nails

use gloves

Any job that demands the use of your nails will probably produce some damage. Luckily, you can always protect them with gloves and reduce the harm to the point of even prevent it entirely.

If you are doing something like gardening, woodwork, or whatever demands the use of your hands, you should always wear gloves. We recommend heavier & more protective gloves such as nitrile and rubber. Thus, do nitrile gloves conduct electricity? Vinyl and plastic gloves also work well.

The whole purpose is to keep your nails away from any unwanted damage, and that’s it. You’ll have safer & healthier nails by just wearing gloves.

10 Don’t Ignore Nail Issues

Whenever you experience something weird with your nails, it’s vital to take action before it’s too late.

If your nails are peeling or splitting, if you spot white or dark spots, if they are losing color or getting yellower than usual, if your nails are cracking or developing grooves, or if the skin around is getting swollen and redder than normal, that means something terrible is happening.

The best you can do in these cases is to consult a dermatologist or nail expert. Someone who knows what’s happening and how to tackle the problem will be ideal for this kind of problem. Or else, you can start taking care of yourself if you know how. But never ignore problems with your nails, as they could escalate and produce unwanted conditions.

Do This And Grow Healthy & Strong Nails!

There’s nothing else to taking care of your nails. With these 10 simple things to avoid, you’ll be able to keep your nails safe and healthy for long.

It all comes down to being aware of what causes damage and what doesn’t. In the long run, you’ll learn how to maintain the most beautiful nails possible with causing any harm. So if you are following any of the previous awful habits, now is your time to change. You won’t regret it!

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