Bathroom Revamps on a Budget

Has your bathroom been looking a little drab? If you want to turn it into a serene home-spa, or just accessorize to make it seem homelier, we have some ideas for you to get those picture-perfect bathrooms by victoria plum without burning a hole in your wallet.

Bathroom Revamps on a Budget
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Match Accessories

To have your bathroom match the theme of the house without too much work, we suggest placing bathroom items of a contrasting colour to the rest of the colour scheme of the room itself. Match your bath towels with containers, toothbrush holders, and bath mats to get that coordinated look. These are often found on the racks at supermarkets— many pricey-looking gems are hidden there at a quarter of the price you’d think!

Tilling — Think Big!

Bigger bathroom tiles used to be pricier due to how heavy they were— but breakthroughs in technology and design have ensured that big tiles are the new in-thing for thrifty bathroom redecorators. This also implies that you have to use fewer tiles to cover your floors in the long run, making this option much nicer for your wallets compared to smaller, more intricate tiles.

Try Vinyl!

Sturdy, water-resistant, and reasonably priced, vinyl floors are a wonderful option to consider. Unlike thin and frail alternatives, vinyl is built to last, coming in a beautiful variety of patterns, styles, hues, and finishes. Bold patterns can be used to contrast against stark, plainly-coloured walls for an interesting and eye-catching stylistic option.

Go Green with Wood Panels

Wood panelling is also a thrifty decorative choice to consider for that rustic feel. The trick with this is to slather the wood with waterproof, oil-based paint, and place these tiles in areas where they are least likely to get splashed.

Freshen Up Your Tiles

In the steam and mist of the bathroom space, it is often highly likely for your tiles to become mouldy and darkened. What is most effective here is a little hard work, a brush, and some cleaning-grade vinegar to get those tiles spick and span again. If this doesn’t work, we suggest trying a grout pen on borders to make those walls shine.

Open Up the Back!

Keeping on-brand with the renovation, you could also leave some pipes exposed for that trendy industrial look, or forego plastering and lean into the brickwork behind the walls— here it is necessary to seal up pores in the environment with a treatment.

Make Your Own Home Spa

Trying out themed bathrooms can truly give your rooms that extra wow factor. Taking inspiration from local spas, it might be worthwhile to project comfort and serenity by trying out standalone bathtubs, cool white decor, and toasty wooden floors.

Pamper Yourself with Towels

A simpler option for a quick revitalization of the bathroom would be to shop for fresh towels. Whether you pick fresh, new colours or that white hue we all know and love, a new set of towels will liven up space and help you feel a little more at ease. New toiletries will give you that fresh hotel-room feel. We suggest hanging your new buys from hooks, or folding and displaying them on bathroom tables.

Light Some Candles

Stark lights can destroy a comfortable evening in the bathtub. To create that peaceful and welcoming environment you need for a good evening of pampering, we suggest lighting some candles. It would be good to try out different sets of candles — like hurricane lanterns, column candles, or just plain scented candles. To ensure you don’t have to worry about fire hazards, we suggest looking for LED fixtures to ensure that you have that stress-free soak.

Bring in Some Plants

Plants in bathroom


Using nature as part of your decor is a wonderful way to bring life into a new space, making it soothing and peaceful. Try starting with some indoor plants by the windows or on a table near a light source. If you want to try out something new, try hanging plants to experiment with levels and opening up space a little more.

Use Stools as Space

A fun alternative to normal storage spaces such as cabinets, baskets, or other containers, try displaying decor on stools. That way, they don’t occupy too much space and can act as bold decorative choices that also double as seats.

Buy More Mats

When shopping for bath mats, try opting for colourful designs and bold patterns. A fun-shaped mat in the middle of a bathroom can be eye-catching and certainly make the room more interesting. To spice up neutral spaces, go for bright patterns, or layer conflicting designs for an eccentric look.

Bring Texture to the Bathroom

Used for a variety of purposes — laundry, storage, and wastebaskets among them— baskets are a necessity in keeping spaces clean and neat. Here it might be interesting to try out different textures to go with different themes. Rattan or twine can add an earthiness and comfortable feel, whereas linen and wood are also popular options.

Try New Shelves

If you’re running out of space, try setting up a multi-tasking shelf as a great use of storage space. These shelves showcase hooks for hanging various towels, and a great shelf above for that sweet, sweet storage space.

Fake it Till You Make it

To create the illusion of luxury, we suggest trying out marble-effect tiles in place of pricier marble tiling. The glossy finish creates a lavish look, with an effect that will definitely catch the eyes of your guests.

Bathroom Revamps on a Budget
Source: Pinterest

Carve Out Space

Adding new shelves doesn’t have to be a difficult task; but if you aren’t confident in your DIY abilities, we suggest outsourcing the work. Recessed shelves are a handy addition to your bathroom space, giving it a touch of style and class, with the added benefit of extra storage space. You could also opt for slimline organizers for a simple way to keep organized.

Coloured Taps

Rather than the bland chrome taps seen in most bathrooms, try going with matte or shimmering metallic colours to bring your bathrooms into the new age. To do this, you can either overhaul the entire tap and bring in new models, or spray them with paint on your own. For a sleeker look, we recommend pairing these taps with matching accessories for a smooth finish.


Finally, be yourself! Follow your gut when it comes to home renovations, and go for space you feel you would want to inhabit. Have fun, and enjoy your new space!

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