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What is assisted living? As the name suggests, assisted living means less stress and more time to do things you enjoy. How you spend your hours depends on you. Meanwhile, there is no tight schedule to follow.

Getting older alone often brings the feeling of isolation. Many seniors living alone faces the challenge of performing basic tasks. Assisted living communities make them change their living conditions.

They provide an environment that encourages an active and independent lifestyle. Moreover, an opportunity to engage with other people within and outside the community. This helps to stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit and strong.

Assisted Living Resource for Consumers
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They offer several assisted living resource, 24*7 supervision and assistance to health-related services to enjoy worry-free living. Their services are designed to-

    • Minimize the need to relocate
    • Accommodate residents changing needs and preferences.
    • Encourage community involvement
    • Maximize resident’s security, independence, autonomy and privacy.

A majority of assisted living residents are seniors and suffering from some form of the disease. On the same token, some communities serve individuals with developmental disabilities, while others serve individuals with particular medical needs and conditions.

These communities are registered, licensed and certified by a department or agency of the state.

Assisted living resource

Assisted Living Resource for Consumers
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Following services and activities arranged in assisted living communities promote the independence of the individual.

    • 24 hours supervision
    • 3 meals a day in a dining room in a group
    • Personal care services (bathing, cleaning etc.)
    • Medication management with self-administration of medicine
    • Social service
    • Supervision for the person with disabilities or other dementias.
    • Recreational activities
    • Wellness and exercise programs
    • Laundry service
    • Housekeeping
    • Arrangements for transportation.

Note: Each resident receives individualized services to function within the assisted living community.

    • Personal and health-care services- Assisted living communities provide assistance with daily living activities, co-ordination of services and monitoring of health care providers. Assistance may include, personal-care services by a trained staff member.
Assisted Living Resource for Consumers
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The community also assists in arranging the appropriate dental, health and medical care services for each resident. They don’t provide the level of nursing care found in hospitals and nursing homes.

Note: Assisted living communities are a bridge between living in a home and in a nursing home.

    • Accommodations  – They may vary from 1 assisted living community to the next (e.g., private room, bath, kitchen etc.). For selecting a community your needs and preferences is an important criterion.

They are designed to be operated and maintained in a manner appropriate to the resident. Caring for a resident suffering from disabilities, a community requires a design that assures residents safety and autonomy. Most communities are equippedto comply with local, state and federal regulations.

False expectations and truth of assisted living

  • Expectations – Moving to an assisted living community means losing control over your life.
  • Reality – Today’s assisted living community offer all the comforts of a long-term senior-care community. You can cook your meal or let the staff do it for you. In addition to it, create a space that meets your requirement. Finally, it encourages residents to be as independent as possible.
  • Expectations – Moving into a community means becoming institutionalized.
  • Reality – It provides a home-like environment. So, you don’t have to worry about your usual obligations. It is not an institution, they provide a variety of options that meet various lifestyles, healthcare needs and financial capabilities. You can have your private or shared bedroom and use your furniture. In your dream home, you can keep pets and entertain guests as usual.
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  • Expectations – Becoming a resident means getting cut-off from the world.
  • Reality – Residents maintain a socially active and engaged lifestyle within and outside the community. They can go out to meet their friends or to attend any event. They can drive themselves or take the help of a community transportation service. Their dear ones are also welcome to spend quality time with them.
  • Expectations – They are meant only for the old and sick.
  • Reality – They are for seniors but not necessarily for sick people. Moving to a community doesn’t indicate that you are incapable of taking care of yourself. Their experienced staff with medication management helps you live a long, happy and healthy life within a community.
  • Expectation – Living in a senior home means boring days.
  • Reality – They offer several interesting activities for every citizen. There is no room for boredom because you have a group of individuals to share with. If you like to enjoy your own company then no issues.

Finding the right assisted living facility

When you decided to move into an assisted living community, look around to make a more informed future decision. Here is a list of important factors to be considered:

    • Is it like a home? – Choose between a small or large bustling environment.
  • Resource for Consumers
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    • Can you pursue your interest? – Find what kinds of resources they offer. Is a gym, library or recreation center available or not?
    • How’s the food? – In case if you are not preparing your meal, check their menu and taste the food. In addition to it, check whether they offer different meal options? And is there a facility to eat in your room?
    • How they address healthcare needs and address medical emergencies? – Is there any registered doctor? Do they provide professional counseling? Will you be taken hospital for basic treatment or they will handle it in-house? What kind of medical conditions they can handle?
    • Is the facility licensed? – Besides the license, check whether they are in compliance with your state standards and requirements.
    • What do other people say? – While searching online, look for the following feedbacks within your area.

–     Reviews from residents and their families.

–     Negative feedbacks

–     Success stories

–     Feedback about the services, staff and community amenities.

    • What assisted living resource are offered? – Standard package includes the following amenities, activities and convenience.

–     Housekeeping services

–     Transportation services

–     Common craft room

–     Physical craft room

–     Access to spa/pool and salon

–     24*7 staff availability and security

Final words

If you prefer privacy, independence and a personal environment then assisted living community is perfect for you. It offers various assisted living resource to live a healthy and happy life.

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