All You Need To know About Estate Probate Lawyer

An estate probate lawyer is a special kind of lawyer who is licensed by the state to advise the beneficiaries of an estate in the event of the owner’s death. The estate probate lawyer is also called an estate attorney and they deal with all matters related to the process of probate. Before going into the functions of an estate probate lawyer, we will discuss what probate is all about.

What Is Probate?

Estate Probate Lawyer

Probate is a process by which the will of a deceased person is proved valid before the court of law. This process is necessary to transfer the estate to the legal heirs of the property. There are several steps involved in the process of probate- creditors must be notified and legal notices must be published. An estate probate lawyer must be appointed who will look into the legalities. The assets of the estate need to be distributed properly among the beneficiaries according to the will of the deceased.

Functions Of Estate Probate Lawyers:

The estate probate lawyer advises the beneficiaries of an estate when the owner of the estate has deceased and left behind a will. The functions of estate probate lawyers have been discussed below.

• The estate probate lawyer will help the beneficiaries to collect assets, both probate and non-probate assets. The value of the total estate property will be determined from the death date of the deceased. The attorney will assist the beneficiaries in the collection of the proceeds of life insurance. After the process of evaluation is complete, the entire estate will be retitled to the beneficiaries of the estate. All the paperwork is done by an estate probate lawyer.

• After the collection of assets and handing over of the property to the beneficiaries, the estate probate lawyer will advise them on how to pay the outstanding bills and debts of the deceased. The estate probate lawyer also must inspect if any estate or inheritance taxes are due. The lawyer will also decide where the taxes will be paid, and the beneficiaries will act accordingly.

• The estate probate lawyer will be instrumental in settling any dispute that may arise in between the estate beneficiaries. He will also assist in the proceedings of the property’s sale. The lawyer is also responsible to take various permissions from the court as and when required regarding the distribution and sale of the estate property.

How To Become An Estate Probate Lawyer?

Estate Probate Lawyer

• The first step to becoming an estate probate lawyer is to understand the scope and responsibilities of the work. An estate lawyer or attorney helps clients in planning the disposal of estates. He also deals with wills and trusts. An estate lawyer’s salary ranges from $65,000 to $70,000.

• The next step is to get admission into a good law school or college. It is a 4 years bachelor’s degree. You should score exceptionally well in The Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

• The next steps include passing the state’s bar exam and becoming well versed in the Uniform Probate Code.

• Next, you must gain experience through an internship under an experienced estate probate lawyer.

• After completion of an internship, you join any professional association.

• The final step to becoming a good estate probate lawyer is to enroll into an estate law specialist course to gain extra knowledge in the field. Moreover, the extra qualification will strengthen your resume.

This article provides an overview of the functions and qualifications of an estate probate lawyer. It is a good career option and can earn you a handsome pay package. You can go through the article if you are planning a career in this profession.

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