Activewear Trends That Are Making It Big In The Fitness World This Year

Women’s activewear has come a long way, from being the bland outfits that were just meant for the gym to becoming ultra-sassy ones that you can wear to casual outings and work. Everything boils down to styling them well enough and staying one step ahead of the trends. When it comes to styling, you can use your creativity to elevate the simplest pieces with a creative mix and match ideas and smart accessorizing. For keeping pace with trends, you need to know what’s hot and revamp your workout wardrobe accordingly. If you want to know all about the activewear trends that are making it big in the fitness world in 2020, we have a list of the latest for you.

Activewear Trends
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Luxurious Leggings in Vogue

Gone are the days when a few basic colors in leggings were enough for women’s workout wardrobes. You will probably have some choices in colors, patterns, and prints but this year is different when it comes to workout bottoms. Leggings that sculpt the body are in vogue and fashionistas want pieces that are capable of sculpting and lifting, rather than only stretching. The zip legging style is also in demand while those who want extra attention can opt for metallic leggings. Metallic is a great pick if you want to transform your workout wear into party wear without any effort. Just team it with a lacy top and you are good to go!

Activewear Trends
Source: Pinterest

Multitasking is the Key

In recent years, the activewear trend has witnessed the blurring of the lines between the traditional workout gear and casual wear. The trend gets all the bigger this year, with fashionistas looking for pieces that are multitasking in nature. You can read more about using a single workout outfit in many ways- wear it to shopping, coffee shops, or even the office- just if you can nail the style. The benefits of multitasking activewear are immense- you get to blend comfort with style and end up saving dollars and closet space as well.

One-pieces are Back

If you have been missing the one-piece trend in workout wear, it is back with a bang. The all-in-one jumpsuits and workout bodysuits, which were popular back in the eighties, have made a comeback this year. These are best suited for dance-style and aerobic activities though you can easily carry them for casual wear as well. Amazingly, there is so much variety you can explore in one-pieces. Try a sexy short leotard or a comfy long one-piece suit to make heads turn in the gym.



Yoga Culture is Gaining Steam

With yoga emerging as one of the most popular form of workout, workout clothing designed specifically for yoga is gaining popularity this year. Although these outfits are pretty much similar, the ones for yoga are meant to be more relaxed so that they can support the flowing movements. Women are opting for yoga pants because they look good and are multi-tasking as well. Yoga tees are comparatively more relaxed than the regular ones you would wear to the gym.

So these are the major activewear trends you must know all about before you refresh your workout wardrobe this year. Happy shopping!

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