A Style That’s Yours: Unique Engagement Rings

Are you looking for something different and unique? If so, be sure to check out the unique engagement rings that are listed here.

Unique Engagement Rings

You’ve finally found the love of your life and you’re ready to pop the question. Before you go shopping for an engagement ring, you want to make sure your selection is unique.

A classic engagement ring is always beautiful, but what about some ideas for unique engagement rings that are just as special as she is?

Read on for some fabulous examples of rings that will inspire and encourage you to select a ring and create a keepsake that makes memories to last a lifetime.

Try Unique Engagement Rings in Special Shapes

The standard engagement ring is typically a stone featured in various cuts attached to a band. But a truly unusual ring will feature stones set in unique shapes that suit your fiance’s personality.

Try a ring boasting a few small gorgeous flower-shaped settings encrusted with sparkling diamonds. A ring with a round, circular setting is another beautiful option that expresses your endless love with no beginning and no end.

Spiral engagement rings are a modern option that wraps around the finger in several layers of gold bands. A baguette-cut ring is another beautiful choice for those who appreciate a more contemporary style than the traditional cuts you find.

The sideways oval-cut is a popular choice for engagement rings that gives the piece a unique, bold aesthetic. This type of ring features an oval-cut stone but it’s situated on its side instead of vertically.

You can create a quirky engagement ring featured in a fun zig-zag style to give the presentation a pop of personality. The sky is the limit when it comes to the shape and style of the setting, so have some fun when you make your selection.

Consider a Different Type of Stone

Yes, everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they’re also a symbol of tradition. If you really want to do something unique, consider a ring that features a different type of stone.

You can opt for a ring that features your fiance’s birthstone, or go bold with a black diamond ring instead of the classic white. Precious stones look stunning no matter what type they are, so be sure to explore the various stones that are available.

Many women love ruby rings due to their deep red color and romantic overtones. Try a dramatic ruby engagement ring featured in a heart shape for an unforgettable proposal.

Shimmering stones come in a wide range of colors, so look for one that reflects your fiance’s favorite hue. Anything from a beautiful blue peridot stone to a deep green emerald is sure to wow and give the ring a personalized life of its own.

If you prefer to go classic with a diamond, you can always complement it with other smaller stones. Try an opal engagement ring covered with bezels or halos to give it a touch of fresh, iridescent color.

You can even offer a beautiful pearl engagement ring, but it’s best to make sure it’s surrounded by small diamonds. Pearls are timeless and elegant, but they need a little sparkle to make the ring stand out.

 Unique Engagement Rings ruby ring

Explore a Variety of Metals

Unique engagement rings should be bold and different. If your fiance isn’t a fan of yellow gold, there’s no need to worry. The days of classic yellow gold are starting to change, and more options are available now than ever before.

Try white gold or go with platinum to give the ring a more contemporary look. These metals are stunning and add a touch of refinement to the ring that brings them into the modern era.

Rose gold is another gorgeous choice that will make your ring truly stand out. This luscious, dusty-pink tone is the perfect choice for romantics and fans of more feminine designs.


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If you’re not sure which type of metal to choose, talk to a local jeweler. They can help you determine which metal will coordinate the best with the stones and style of ring you’ve chosen.

Custom Rings Add Personality

In order to create the ultimate unique engagement ring, consider going custom. A custom ring will cost you more money, but it will be one of a kind and give the ring a real “wow” factor that your fiance will never forget.

When you make a custom ring, you can work with a designer or try to make something yourself. Either way, it’s sure to be an unforgettable piece of jewelry that will make a lasting impression.

Some merchants offer jewelry customization online so you can play around with a few designs until you find the perfect one. Talk to a professional who can help you design the most incredibly unique engagement ring possible.

When you purchase the ring, make sure you also get insurance so it’s covered in case of theft, damage, or loss. This will give you peace of mind and help to ensure that your beautifully created ring can be replaced if something goes wrong.

Get Ready to Pop the Question

Now that you have a few ideas for some unique engagement rings, you can create the perfect piece of jewelry for your big moment. Whether it’s made with red rubies and white gold or emeralds and platinum, your ring is sure to be one of a kind.

Draw out a few shapes and draft up some ideas to give you the inspiration to help you create the ultimate unique ring for the most important person in your life.

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