A All In One Guide To Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be used even if you don’t want to do more complicated makeup looks. Eyeliner can brighten your eyes and draw attention to your eyes if used correctly. Even better, you have endless options for creating different lines from cat-eye to winged and even reverse cat-eye. Eyeliner is a versatile makeup product that every beauty service should have.

No skills? No problem. It’s not difficult to use eyeliner. There are many types of eyeliner available today. Thick. Thin. Smudgy. Precise. Gel, Liquid. You have the option!

how to apply eyeliner

How Easy is it to Apply Eyeliner?

Expect mistakes when applying eyeliner, especially if you are just starting to do it. Don’t be discouraged and just accept the mistakes. Keep your wits about you and keep your q tips handy!

To avoid making mistakes and smudges, newbies should use eyeliner before mascara or eyeshadow. Do not worry about making a perfect straight line. You can easily fix bumps and uneven lines with some makeup remover on your Q-tip.

How to Properly Take Off Eyeliners?

Draw a line from your inner corner to the mirror. Keep the line as close as possible to your lashes’ root.

How do you apply natural eyeliner?

Keep your eyeliner thin and subtle, such as brown, to create a natural look.

What Eyeliner is Best for Beginners?

We love smudgy and precise eyeliner looks and are big fans of both. Smudgy eyeliner looks rocker cool and is easy to apply. All mistakes will be merged into the diffused, smokey line. This look is best achieved with soft, blendable formulas such as eyeliner pencils.

A precise eyeliner can either be a thick, cat-eye line or a thin line that blends into your lashes. This look is best suited for certain formulas, such as liquid liners. It is transfer-proof, meaning it will not smudge or melt and will remain fresh-looking all day.

Should Eyeliner Be Used On The Top or Bottom Of Eyes?

The upper lash line is a way to define your eyes and draw attention to them. This gives the illusion of having more eyelashes. Eyeliner is meant to create the illusion of thick, lush eyelashes. However, if there are visible gaps between your eyeliner lashes and your flesh-colored lashes, this fantasy can be ruined.

It’s a great way to add glamour to your look by lining the lower lashes. It is important to line the lower lashes right up to the waterline. The area between the eye and the lashes is called the waterline. This is a delicate area so be gentle with it and only use the best tools. An eyeliner pen is best for this look. The softer and more pigmented you can get, the better.

Onor formulas work well here. It will leave a beautiful, saturated line of color along the lash line. This will not bleed into your eyes like a liquid liners would. Use a freshly sharpened pencil to gently glide along the waterline from the inner corner to the outer corner. You should line the entire waterline and not just the edges. Color will not last as long on the upper lashline as it will on the lower. To maintain a defined, intense line throughout the night, you will most likely need to reapply your eyeliner several times per night. But that’s beauty!

Can Bottom Eyeliner Make Eyes Look Smaller?

You should avoid covering your entire eye with eyeliner if you have small eyes. This can make your eyes look smaller. Apply eyeliner to the outer half of the eyes and blend it in with the beginning.

Here’s the takeaway

Although eyeliner is a staple of makeup, it’s not for everyone. Some eye looks can be quite difficult (take a look at your winged eye! It can be quite challenging. We are confident that you will master any look with the help of this guide and our expert tips.

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