9 Tips on How to Plan Your Wedding Without a Planner

Planning a wedding may seem overwhelming at first. Hiring a specialist to help you can be a smart decision. But when you are on a tight budget, you most likely need to do everything yourself. Or may you simply can’t trust someone else to plan such a big day in your life. It may not be as hard as attending strip clubs on your hen-night before, but you will be able to create your dream wedding when doing your own planning.

You simply need a little organization to manage everything when facing all those endless decisions, deadlines, and lists. To stay on the safe side, you need to do everything step by step and drag friends and family (including your future husband) into the preparations. If you’re dreaming of a breathtakingly romantic wedding amidst the stunning landscapes of Queenstown, explore our exquisite Queenstown Elopement Packages tailored to create your perfect intimate celebration. Make to devote yourself plenty of time for planning. You will make things more difficult if you try to plan everything at the last minute.

9 Tips on How to Plan Your Wedding Without a Planner

What to Start With?

After you spend some time spreading the word about your engagement, it is better to start with determining your wedding budget. It should be done prior to starting a path of planning the wedding. And this can lead to some uncomfortable conversations if you have family members who plan to take part in this big day. Talk to these people and find out the amount that everyone is comfortable to spend. You should also create a 10 percent “secure pillow” for any unforeseen expenses that you will inevitably face.

Get ready for difficulties when it comes to establishing a wedding budget. Many couples are unaware of the real costs required and may become upset when their dream wedding becomes unachievable for financial reasons. But you can still have your perfect wedding on almost any budget if you come up with what is really important to you and what can be insignificant.

Use What Inspires You

When the budget is settled, you can call on your inspiration and delve into the smallest details. This is the time when you can have some fun. Be creative and unique. You can go trendy by adding a wedding hashtag to your wedding wherein you can use this by displaying it to the wedding venue. This is going to be useful in the modern age as your wedding guest will definitely use the wedding hashtags in posting to their social media accounts. If have no idea what wedding hashtags are perfect for your wedding, then definitely get some help with a wedding hashtag generator.

You can treat yourself with all these wedding magazines and blogs to get an idea for your wedding style. And don’t forget to involve your groom in this step. Your wedding is the proper time to represent you as a couple.

Good organization is very important when you’re planning your own wedding. You will need to manage a lot of things at the same time. Wedding planning applications or software programs can be very helpful. But you need to understand that even the most careful planning and organization can’t guarantee that everything will be okay and chaos will inevitably arise from time to time. Try to keep calm in any situation and don’t panic.

Don’t forget to have fun. This is your special day and you shouldn’t be obsessed with all those details and keep in mind one very important thing, you are getting married to your beloved person. And here is a list of nine tips on how to plan your wedding without a planner.

How to Plan Your Wedding Without a Planner

1. Think Over All Aspects of Your Budget

Almost all of your wedding decisions will depend on your budget, so it is better to decide the amount you’d like to spend from the very beginning. If someone in the family is eager to contribute, discuss the amount they’d feel comfortable to spend. If you will be paying for the whole wedding yourself, it’s time to carefully look at your finances. Once you establish a number, it is better to stick to it.

2. Find Your Own Inspiration

There is a large number of inspirational sources and it can get confusing if you try to follow several of them. It is better to find a few qualitative channels on Instagram or reliable bridal magazines and draw inspiration from them. Create an idea of how your wedding should look and transform it into something that you can show to everyone who is involved in wedding preparations. It could be a board on Pinterest or even a vision board with pictures and magazine pages.

3. Choose the Perfect Time Frame

Are you planning a wedding in the spring garden? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed to be surrounded by magnificent autumn leaves on this important day? Pick a few ideal dates for BIG day and add a week or two to stay on the safe side. In this case, you will not be too cramped when booking a place.

How to Plan Your Wedding Without a Planner

4. Create a Friendly Wedding Website

Almost all of your guests and even some family members will ask you hundreds of questions about your wedding. If you’d like to avoid all those distracting text messages, emails, and calls, create a wedding website and fill it with all the necessary information. Your guests will be able to check the details and even set up an itinerary that will let them know where and when they need to be.

5. Create a Guest List

This can be a rather unpleasant process, which will depend mostly on your location and budget. Gather with your groom and family to make the guest list that will suit everyone. Most likely, you will have to make some cuts. You also need to decide if you want to invite children and to whom a plus-one will be provided.

6. Study All the Contracts

Don’t neglect the importance of a careful attitude to documents. Read and check every detail of your supplier contracts. You should also make sure that all information is correct and all important things, such as payment and cancellation policies are taken into account before signing. Remember to double-check the date and time of the event.

without a planner

7. DIY Details

Hand-made details can be interesting from the point of price and can also add some attractiveness to this big day. But you need to be careful because if you’ll overdo with DIY details, you may get more work than you think. You can follow the DIY path with things that you can do in advance. For example, with a DIY flower kit, you can create wrist flowers, bouquets, and other stunning decorations for your wedding. It is also better to involve professional help for flowers or food that should be prepared closer to your wedding date.

8. Create an Event Schedule

Create a schedule for every event you’ve planned for your wedding. Be sure that such things as when suppliers arrive, when the ceremony takes place, when the first dance begins, and when the cake is cut are included in the schedule. Give a copy to everyone who needs to be in the know like your MC, photographer and videographer, maid of honor, etc.

9. Have Fun and Enjoy Your Day!

What do you think your guests will notice first? The stress and fatigue of the bride and groom, of course! Take a deep breath, exhale and have fun at your own wedding. Don’t forget to enjoy every moment of this great celebration of your love.

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