8 Food Combinations That Make You Healthier

In your effort to stay healthy and kick out every disease and infection from your home, you are willing to try absolutely anything. But you must have not come across a combination of some of the most delicious foods listed here. These food items cannot just keep you healthy but boost your immunity as well. Some of these combinations can keep you fit and lean without even hitting the gym. Let’s discover what these power foods can be and how to incorporate them into your daily diet.

food combinations

1 Organic Eggs And Low-Fat Cheese

This is one of the dreamiest and creamiest food combinations that you can ever think of. Cheese is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Eggs are rich in healthy protein and good cholesterol. By combining the two, you get the strongest food on this list.

Combine these food items with a glass of fat-free milk and you have a great breakfast option. You can cook up a quick cheese omelet without removing the egg yolk and begin your day with a mouthful of taste. You can also include a few add-ons such as cherry tomatoes and spinach leaves for more taste and nutrition.

2 French Fries And Vegetables

This is more of a balancing act if you will. Just throw in a few pieces of bacon into the mix and you have an even more interesting palette. It is a great idea to pair something not-so-healthy with one of the healthiest things you can find in your kitchen.

The goal is to stick to a particular meal plan that allows you the freedom to munch on your favorite snacks without making you feel guilty. This trick works like a charm when it comes to maintaining your health and nutrition. Even if you decide to order a plate of onion rings instead of fries, this combination is never going to disappoint you.

3 Apple And Chocolate Are The Perfect Couple

A lot of people would find this combination rather strange but you should know how beneficial this pairing can be for your health. Apples contain a significant amount of anti-inflammatory flavonoids that are fantastic for your skin. Regular consumption of apples also prevents you from contracting various diseases such as heart attacks and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, lung cancer, and prostate cancer as well. When you talk about chocolate, the amount of antioxidants present in the dark variety is unparalleled by any other food item. Chocolates also act as an effective aphrodisiac.

4 Masala/Mixed Spice Tea For Your Immunity

Another very interesting combination of foods is organic tea with whole organic spices. You should know that tea is a very rich source of antioxidants that can effectively remove free radicals from your body. This means you can say goodbye to cell damage by consuming one cup of tea every day.

It also helps boost your immunity when combined with spices such as ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, fennel seeds, and so many more. It helps you get rid of symptoms of cough and cold as well. When it comes to maintaining digestion and metabolism, you can rely on a spice and tea mix any day.

5 Oatmeal And Orange Juice Make A Tangy Combo

You might have never heard about this combination but according to the Antioxidants Research Lab at the US Department of Agriculture, orange juice along with a bowl of real oatmeal can benefit you significantly. This combination of food items can easily clean your arteries and blood vessels to prevent any kind of heart disease including heart attacks. Go for the organic variety if you want to try out this combination. This pairing can also stabilize your LDL cholesterol when consumed regularly.

6 Soya And Salmon

Soya and salmon go along pretty well with each other. It is essential to include organic and unprocessed forms of soy in your diet. You can opt for products such as edamame and tofu that should be easily available in your local supermarket. You can eat these items in moderation together. These are ideal for fitness freaks who intend to gain all the good muscle weight without getting bulky. The vitamin D present in both these food items is great for your skin and bones. These foods when put together make for a great combination if you are looking to follow a protein-rich diet.

7 Tomatoes And Olive Oil

This combination is right from Italy and it is going to be one of the staples in your diet once you get a taste of it. Tomatoes have enormous quantities of lycopene which is a great antioxidant. Do you know that consuming it in small quantities regularly can prevent you from contracting skin cancer?

Extra virgin olive oil is again a fantastic source of good fats such as monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. When you combine these foods with your favorite garlic bread and a hint of unsalted butter, you get a heavenly combination of flavors that is unmatched by any other food you might have tasted before.

food combinations

8 Rice And Kidney Beans

This is a combination of foods that is prevalent right from Mexico to the furthest corners of India. Kidney beans go fantastically well with any kind of rice. You can either steam them, boil them, pressure cooker them, or even serve them fried right out of the wok.

Kidney beans are a healthy source of protein and rice is a powerhouse of carbohydrates. Just avoid serving this combination with a lot of oil and fatty items. The amino acid profile present in kidney beans effectively complements the one present in rice. This makes for a perfect food combo for everyone who likes to stay fit.


You should remember that eating everything in moderation is the key to a healthy body and a happy mind. Do not go overboard with any of the food items whether they are on this list or not. You can get inspired by these combinations and come up with a few of your own too. Happy eating!

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