7 Creative Zoom Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

According to historians,  the Romans were the first ones to celebrate birthdays.

The Romans knew what they were doing because there’s nothing more fun than having a big birthday bash. Unfortunately, the pandemic has people celebrating their birthday alone on their couch.

There’s no need to celebrate alone when you have the power of technology. Smartphones and laptops are bringing people together with apps such as FaceTime and Zoom.

If your child has a birthday coming up, keep reading below to discover 5 awesome Zoom birthday party ideas for kids. It’ll be their most unique, memorable birthday experience yet.

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1 Host a Talent Show

Create one of the most exciting birthday parties by hosting a virtual talent show with your child and their friends! Tell their friends to prepare a short performance to showcase their skills.

Are their friends having trouble coming up with something to show? Encourage them to sing one of their favorite songs, or they can use the camera to demonstrate some magic tricks.

Other friends can create a dance routine. Someone may even want to show off tricks they taught their dog while stuck inside.

If you’re using Zoom, you’re able to click on reaction emojis that pop up in your personal video square. The audience can use these reactions to score the acts as they’re performed.

2 Create a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Before the party, sit down with your child to create a list of silly things participants will have to find in their home. Your child will read the list aloud, item by item, and the kids will race to see who can find and come back with the item first.

Include simple items such as a left shoe, a toothbrush, or a hat. Present harder challenges by having them grab a bowl full of cereal or a shirt with black stripes.

If the other kids want to add to the scavenger hunt, have them type certain items using the Zoom chat feature.

3 Have a Costume Party

One of the most fun parts of Halloween is putting together a crazy costume. Bring this same energy into your child’s Zoom birthday party.

Tell all of the kids to use materials around their home to create a costume to wear to the virtual party. Give everyone time during the party to present their outfit and show what they made it with.

Offer praise for creative ideas, and encourage kids to impersonate the characters they dressed up as.



4 Sing and Dance to Music

Everyone loves singing and dancing at birthday parties. With the ability to screen share in Zoom, share karaoke and lyric videos you find on platforms such as YouTube.

The kids can sing along with the words on the screen. Allow them to take turns picking different songs.

Once everyone’s ready for a break from singing, play songs for everyone to dance to. Have a virtual dance battle, or just take time for your child to show off their cool moves.

5 Do Arts and Crafts

As you prepare for your child’s birthday party, create a list of materials parents will need to grab for their children. Send this list out a few weeks before the party so everyone has plenty of time to grab what they need.

Keep it simple with something like painting or bracelet-making. If you paint, all each child needs is a small canvas, paintbrushes, and small cups of paint. If you want to make jewelry, tell each child to have beads and string.

For young children, encourage the parents to sit with their child during the party to assist with finishing the crafts. Play music and tell silly stories as the children finish their work.

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6 Send Out Goodie Bags

As a “thank you” for attending the virtual Zoom party, collect the address of each child. Work with your child to put together small goodie bags to ship out in the mail. If everyone lives close by, you can simply drop the bags in their mailbox.

Include goodies such as stickers, candy, and bouncy balls. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be fun.

If you want to go the extra mile, drop off snacks and the goodie bags before the party. This way, the kids can enjoy the snacks together while on Zoom.

7 Open Presents Offscreen

The pandemic has had a financial impact on many families. To be considerate of everyone attending, open presents with your child offscreen. This will alleviate any awkward pressure of parents having to send gifts to your home.

Browse the internet for deals if you’re struggling with money as well. There are plenty of sites with markdowns. Take some time to surf the web to find more info on deals.

Communication Is Key

Remember effective communication is key when setting up isolation birthday parties. Make sure to send out invitations and lists of needed supplies way before the actual party.

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