6 Tips for Buying and Wearing Your First Wig

It’s a shocking realization to find out that many fan-favorite celebrities wear wigs to grace the red carpet. Those overnight transitions from straight platinum blonde to wavy raven locks? Yeah, that’s a wig.

On the bright side, the stigma around wearing wigs is falling by the wayside. Many women are choosing to protect their natural hair from damage by wearing a wig to get the wild styles they love from the big screen. If you want to get that funky look, you can easily get that using pink wig with bangs.

If you’re looking to join the club, check out these six tips for buying and wearing your first wig.

wearing first wig

Look for a Beginner-Friendly Wig

Wearing a wig isn’t as simple as putting on a hat and walking out the door. They come in different shapes, styles, materials, and textures that will ultimately impact your experience with the wig. When you get started, it’s best to buy a beginner-friendly wig to ease the transition.

According to the experts at EvaWigs, a beginner wig will have a pre-plucked hairline, bleached knots, a glueless cap, and be generally easy to wear. While human hair is ideal for its versatility and naturalness, synthetic wigs are another beginner-friendly option to consider. Note, however, that the style they come in is the style they stay in.

Go as Customized as Possible

The more customization your wig has when you receive it, the less potentially-damaging alterations you’ll have to make. As a high-quality wig is a significant investment, you want to extend the lifespan as much as possible.

Choose your color, part, shape, and texture when you order your wig. Be sure to take accurate head measurements to ensure that it fits well without being too loose or too tight.

Keep Your Face Shape in Mind

When you choose a wig style, remember to see if that style works with your face shape. You can find your face shape by having a friend a trace your face on paper— which can be a fun experience— or taking your photo in a mirror and tracing that.

In general, faces tend to fall into these main categories:

• round

• diamond

• oval

• square

• heart

Having a general idea of your face shape can prevent you from discovering that the bangs you loved on Kim K. look terrible on you, after spending hundreds of dollars on a wig.

Give Yourself Time to Practice

The day you receive the wig should not be the day you wear it in public. Give the wig a wash and style it to your liking. Remember that this thing is coming in a box, and might take on that flat, factory-direct shape. It will also take some practice to secure your wig comfortably so that you don’t risk it falling off, and don’t call attention to the wig.

Take time to practice with different methods of securing your wig as well as different styles underneath. Being a beginner wig wearer is like buying a pair of new shoes— you might need to do a few laps around the block before you’re ready for a full day.

wearing first wig

Read the Instructions Carefully

Not all wigs are the same! That’s why it’s so important that you read the care and maintenance instructions with a fine-tooth comb. For example, many synthetic wigs are heat sensitive and will disintegrate if you use heat tools on them. Washing a human hair wig the wrong way can result in matting that ultimately destroys your investment.

Read the instructions carefully and follow them. Don’t get lazy; you’ll pay for complacency.

Choose Quality

Finally, no matter what type of wig you choose, prioritize quality. When it comes to wigs, you get what you pay for. Cheap wigs fall apart easily or look fake. A nice wig doesn’t have to break the bank, but you can, and should, expect your wig to cost you a couple hundred dollars.

Use these tips to guide your wig buying and wearing process. With the right investment and plenty of practice, you’ll be red carpet ready in no time.

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