6 Things To Avoid On Your First Date Post Pandemic

Being confined to the four walls of your home for so long, it will take you some time to get into the dating game as before. The real-time dating scenario has changed drastically in the last few months, and you should get updated with these trends fast. And if you have forgotten a few of the dating etiquettes, no worries, as this post is going you remind you of the same. So what are you waiting for? Scroll on to know what you should avoid on your first date post-pandemic.

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No-Touching Or Hugging

The no-touch trend is going to be there even after the pandemic is officially over. People are reeling from the trauma of the viral infection, and it’s unwise to get back to the way things were before right away. Make sure you don’t create discomfort by stretching out your arms and hugging him. A quick handshake will do, only after you sanitize your hands in front of him.

Don’t Get Too Personal

You should also refrain from getting too personal on the first date and don’t start asking questions about family, income, and related stuff. Do a quick run-through of the person’s social media profile for such information before meeting him, and trust us, it won’t be considered as stalking. You should also create more generalized discussions, like health, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and food preferences, especially if you’re meeting at a restaurant or diner.

Play It Down With Your Fashion Sense

There are very few chances that you’re going to engage in a steaming lovemaking session on your first date, so keep the mystery intact by wearing a stylish but not too revealing outfit. You can always attract him by maintaining a gorgeous social media impression, like that of Lori Harvey in her sensuous attires, beautiful smile, and fun-filled spirit. These days, men like women, who are updated in fashion but also intelligent enough to engage in a discussion with.

Don’t Click Too Many Pictures

It’s okay to be excited on your date, but clicking too many selfies with your dating partner may make him uncomfortable. You should also focus more on him and not on your makeup or hair, as it may turn him down. So it’s best to keep your mobile aside and try to create meaningful and fun conversations with your partner and help him relax and enjoy your time together.



Don’t Talk About Former Relationships

Even if you’re on a rebound, this should be a big no-no for your first date with someone. Refrain from any discussions that include relationships in general, as your primary aim should be to focus on the present and not the past. Talking about exes is a huge turndown, and you may even end up not seeing the person ever in your lifetime.

Don’t Get Drunk

Although it depends on the individuals, it’s best to stay safe by not drinking too much on your first date. However, if your partner insists, you can take a few extra shots, but be careful not to lose your senses. It’s also unsafe, given that you don’t know the person you’re drinking with or his intentions.

Try to be cordial, approachable, and a lot of fun on your first date. Start slow and take up space as you feel a connection. You should also observe how your partner behaves, and if he’s worth giving a second shot. Be observant and take mental notes. And if you feel uncomfortable about anything, be vocal without hurting feelings. Taking an honest approach won’t harm either of you.

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