5 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Website and Social Media

Running an online business means that you’re up against thousands of other bloggers, gurus, retailers, and brands in the digital realm. They all want to attract more followers on their social platforms, more engagement across their digital presence, and more conversions, as a result of all of that attention. No matter if you’re an affiliate expert, vested in your own lifestyle blog, or you sell educational e-books or buy them, fitness and nutrition programs– you can definitely haul in more leads from your website and your social media.

Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Website and Social Media

Among so many different tactics, some are more effective than others, especially for smaller-scale operations that don’t have access to dozens of social media experts, SEO gurus, and entire marketing departments devoted to promotion. If that’s you, you can find some of the most powerful digital solutions for your brand and earn more love from your followers in the post below. Let’s dive in!

Social Media Listening Tools

Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Website

Sometimes, getting more exposure comes from various groups relevant to your industry, and people who might even mention your brand without tagging you successfully. When you fail to use those opportunities to start up a conversation, respond to a question, or resolve an issue, you miss out on a chance to qualify a decent lead and convert someone successfully.

To overcome this issue, you can use social listening tools that “capture” your brand name, and various industry-relevant keywords of your choosing across the web. Follow those mentions and leads, and you’ll get a pool of opportunities to get more people to your site and to convert them!

Social Proof on Your Website

Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Website

Generating interest often requires you to prove that there’s already ample interest in your product or service. If your closest friend who shares your values enjoys a certain beauty brand, you will be more inclined to try it, right? The same logic applies to any visitor who hops over to your website: they want to know others like them appreciate your brand and trust you enough to buy from you.

The simplest way to showcase that interest when it happens is to use a conversion rate optimization tool that creates simple, but effective popups to notify your website visitors every time someone makes a purchase or signs up for your offer. These little notifications are meant to be unobtrusive, but noticeable enough so that your website visitors can get a sense of the volume of interest others have in your business. It’s subtle, but it works wonders for generating leads and increasing interest in your brand.

Offer Simple Sign-up on Your Site

Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Website and Social Media

You’ve crafted brilliant infographics, you’ve gone above and beyond to share your blogs on all of your platforms, you’ve diligently responded to every comment and expressed your gratitude for every share, and now you have a surge of traffic on your site. Not all of those visitors might be ready to seal the deal, but you can nurture those leads to fruition with the right signup offer.

Too many popups are never a good thing, but let your website visitors get a chance to sign up for your newsletter, send them customized emails based on their interest in your content, and nurture those leads with care. Instead of a popup, you can have a signup option next to your blog post, the one that brought the visitors to your site in the first place.

Insert CTAs All Around

Ways to Generate More followers from Your Social Media

Making things simple and convenient for customers is half the battle. If you expect them to go ahead and find a way to reach out to you or contact your store – many of them will simply give up. That is why shortening this decision-making can be simpler with the right call-to-action buttons scattered in all the right places.

When there’s a single-click solution that leads them straight to what they want, they will be much less likely to delay their decision or avoid it completely. Pro tip: test your CTAs across various platforms and your entire website to see what works best for your customers.

Reviews as Your Trust-Builders

Ways to Generate More traffic Social Media reviews

Producing quality content is often a key focus for any business owner, and that’s definitely the right way to attract more followers and get more SEO juice for your website, too. You’ll boost your authority and engagement naturally when you create and share content of value. However, sometimes even what’s typically considered “passive” content can make all the difference for the growth of your business. Enter: customer reviews.

Allowing people to rate your business and services on social platforms as well as your website directly grants your audience a new perspective of your values. Consider it another form of social proof. In fact, just a +0.1 increase in star ratings can give you a 25% boost in conversions. Reviews help build trust and credibility, so publish them regularly and enable ratings across the board.

Generating leads is more about giving yourself the chance to convert more people than it is about numbers. So, yes, it may seem like you’re using different strategies to narrow your focus on a handful of people, but for a smaller business, it makes sense to do precisely that: qualify your leads by focusing on the people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. These methods are designed to help you do just that, and boost your conversions over time.

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