5 Ways of Styling Graphic T-Shirts for Different Looks

Casual t-shirts have always been a go-to attire for every occasion, whether it’s a fun get-together or a casual business meeting. But have you been feeling overwhelmed trying to choose a t-shirt combination with your favorite jeans, or perhaps a trendy skirt?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of options you can choose from if you just know how to mix them up. Blending funky combinations of color and graphics is trending nowadays, so we will try to give you some interesting ideas on styling for different occasions.

Ways of Styling Graphic T-Shirts for Different Looks

Photo by Micaela Parente from Unsplash

1 Jaunty outfits

Graphic t-shirts can be used to create a cute and comfy look. From cartoon printed to drawn characters, you can mix them with your favorite pair of jeans and pants. For example, how about a friendly and funky-drawn ghost shirt with a combination of black and white colors? Get your hair in a ponytail and you are ready for a fun outing with friends.

Even though it might sound like something only teenagers would wear, this is far from the truth. A combination with black pants, heels, and a blazer is most people’s version of business meets pleasure, and it’s a great way to give a chic and modern look to it.

2 Tucked in tees

Tucking a graphic t-shirt into flared pants whether denim or chino trousers is such a great fashion statement. It might give more focus to the pants since they’ve become popular again, but it will look cool. Pair it with your favorite shoes and bag, and you’re off to a great day with friends.

A t-shirt tucked in suit pants is the ultimate boss look. A graphic t-shirt usually pairs well with an oversized and monochrome suit which helps to bring a playful vibe to a traditional and powerful look. You can also tuck it into a flowy skirt whether long or short, and you might just feel like you’re living out all your beachy California dreams.

Ways of Styling Graphic T-Shirts for Different Looks

Photo by Chelsi Peter from Pexels

3 Casual look

One of the most casual looks is a combo of a graphic tee with a denim jacket. This is easy to pull off and you will wear it again and again for a long time. Coupling a loose-fitting t-shirt with a denim jacket and fitted jeans can be great for a coffee run on a Sunday afternoon. Adding heels and noticeable jewelry can change the look to seem more dressed up, and you’ve got yourself a comfy outfit for a night out.

How about an oversized t-shirt with bike shorts, or ripped jeans? One of the biggest trends these days is combining bike shorts with different shirt styles. It’s one of the comfiest combinations most people would agree on. Ripped jeans have certainly not gone out of fashion, so adding different shirt styles with your old ripped jeans, might just give them a new appeal.

4 Leather

If you’re looking for a more edgy look combining graphic t-shirts with leather pants or a skirt is the way to go. If wearing leather pants is not the thing for you, there’s always the leather jacket as a piece that goes well with any outfit, so you’ll feel comfy yet look extremely fashionable.

Simple jeans, a t-shirt with a funky design, and a leather jacket. Add to that some interesting jewelry and you’re set to go. One of the favorite combos for a casual daily look are leather pants, heels, and a comfy t-shirt with a graphic design. What’s important is to know how to mix them and know if they look good on you. Once you’ve figured that out, own it!

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