5 Unique Pieces of Custom Clothing to Give as Gifts

When it comes to custom clothing, most people opt for a simple and classic T-shirt, and for good reason. The T-shirt is versatile and comfortable, and it can be worn in almost any circumstance. At the same time, there are dozens of options for customizable clothing that go well beyond a T-shirt that will make great gifts. You can see options, or learn more about six unique pieces of custom clothing below.

custom clothing

1. Custom Sweatpants

Sweatpants are a staple in any loungewear outfits for evenings and weekends. Sweatpants are warm, soft, comfortable, and they can often be more stylish than they are given credit for. Custom sweatpants can either feature embroidery near the pockets or prints on each leg on the front or back, pocket, or all over.

All-over printed sweatpants can be major statement wardrobe pieces, while still maintaining all of their comfort and warmth. You can also make custom joggers, which tend to be more fitted at the bottom of the legs.

2. Custom Dresses

Dresses can be fashionable all on their own or with an ensemble of leggings, a cardigan, and accessories in cooler weather. Now you can make a custom dress, either in a skater shape or a fitted shape, featuring all-over prints. Some designers make custom tropical print dresses, others opt to create a gradient that gradually fades from one color to another, and more still come up with something completely unexpected.

3. Custom Swimwear

Whether or not you have a beach trip coming up, custom swimwear gives you the opportunity to express yourself fashionably wherever you are! You can make custom one-piece swimsuits, full bikini sets, or custom bottoms and tops. You can even choose to make an eco-friendly recycled high-waisted bikini that provides 50+ UPF.

4. Custom Jackets

When the weather starts to turn cold, another great gift option is a custom-made jacket. There are several styles available, and most jackets can either be embroidered or printed to your liking. Jackets embroidered with a name or meaningful image can make a heartfelt gift. An all-over print unisex bomber jacket can also be a fashionable and unique statement piece for any outfit.

5. Custom Underwear

Customized all-over print underwear can make an excellent gift any time of year! Many custom clothing shops don’t offer underwear, which is incredibly disappointing for people who want to give their significant others a custom and thoughtful gift. Considering a custom made socks with faces of your loved one would be a funny idea. Custom-made underwear can include boxers, sports bras, and more.

6. Custom Yoga Shorts

Personalized yoga shorts are a perfect gift for any yoga enthusiast or volleyball player in your life. Add a zen nature scene or floral design that you know your loved one will enjoy, or create custom yoga shorts with a fun yoga pun that will make them crack a smile.

Final Considerations

Some people can be difficult to shop for, especially when nothing at the store would speak to them or seem personal enough. What is more personal than a custom clothing item that represents their interests, passions, or even an inside joke between you?

Giving customized gifts shows that you put thought into the gift, and that goes a long way.

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