5 Things You Need for the Perfect Outdoor Movie Night

We can’t go to the movies, visit the theater, or go out for a night of entertainment in the form of a live stand-up show – we’re all pretty much in the same boat. With restrictions in terms of how much time we can spend outside our homes, and now that it’s almost expected of us to go out only when we need to pick up those essentials, we have a chance to transform our backyard experience. The time is right to create your own extraordinary movie night outside to keep yourself and your kids occupied and finally relax as a family. There’s so much you can do to change your outdoor space to become more movie-friendly.

Things You Need for the Perfect Outdoor Movie Night

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Before you set up a laptop and start cramming on one sofa, constantly looking up to check if rain might surprise you, this is a list of everything you need to turn an ordinary movie night into an adventure. That way, you can enjoy a full-scale theater experience in the comfort of your own backyard!

Always Stock up on Snacks

There’s no such thing as a great movie night without the right munch-worthy snacks and sips for you and your family. You can adapt your menu for the weather, so as to avoid melting ice-cream while you wait for everyone to settle down, but you can also bring out your cooler to keep your refreshments nice and cool, be it wine, beer, lemonade, or fizzy drinks depending on the age of your audience.

Prep ample popcorn and a few toppings for various tastes, but you can also make mini pizzas, chocolate-chip cookies, cupcakes, and other delightful snacks to keep you full and happy for the duration of your movie night.

An Outdoor-friendly TV and Sound Set

Old-school projectors and screens might have been all the rage a few decades back, but they are subpar compared to what modern tech has in store for us. In fact, modern outdoor entertainment equipment means you can find a waterproof TV set impervious to fluctuating temperatures and with a high-quality screen that prevents glare, as well.

That means that even if you choose to start your movie night a little early in the evening, you don’t have to worry about brightness issues. Add to that, a TV of that quality should be paired with an equally impressive soundbar that is also resistant to water and will help make your movie night all the more special!

Things You Need for the Perfect Outdoor Movie Night

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

A Comfy Seating Arrangement

Now that you’re all set with the key feature in your backyard, your waterproof TV and sound system, you need to make sure you can fully enjoy this immersive experience on the right outdoor furniture sets. Sometimes, all your old wicker chairs need for a spruce is a few throw pillows to make them more comfortable, and a few blankets to wrap up yourself when it gets a bit colder later in the night.

A sofa set, however, might make for a superior option in this case, as it can hold many people at the same time, save you plenty of space, and still leave room for a few smaller tables strategically placed to hold your drinks and snacks.

Keep Those Pesky Insects at Bay

Our homes are already brimming with disinfectants and other chemically-laden cleansers to keep germs at bay. However, when you’re outside and strictly spending time with your family, the key issue that might interrupt your movie night could be pesky bugs such as mosquitos.

You can actually use a wide array of essential oils to repel insects naturally and you can even place an essential oil diffuser nearby your little gathering, which will infuse your evening with a fresh scent and keep insects away.

If you want more tips on how to keep Mosquitoes at bay, our friends over at the Venchas outdoor blog, have an article on What Colors attract Mosquitoes and what colours you should be wearing to avoid them.

Lighting for Setting the Mood

Daylight is the most beautiful light there is, but when it’s time for an evening gathering, you should prepare your outdoor area with the right lighting options to make sure everyone can get to the snacks, find their seat, and find their way to the patio. In addition to those wonderful solar lights that keep your entire backyard well-lit, you can also add some mood lighting options for an enhanced atmosphere.

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Consider a few home-made lanterns, which can be your daytime project with the kids or your partner. Then again, fairy lights don’t have to wait for Christmas, but you can sprinkle them around the furniture you have outside for an extra touch of romance.

These several weeks will be tough, but you have a chance to make the most of this time to bond with your family, spend quality time together, and get to know each other’s favorite movie characters. Use this checklist to turn your regular Friday into an adventure-perfect family get-together, and enjoy your movies in style!

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