5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

You may think that achieving what’s proposed in the title is not at all simple, but the truth is that adding a few spa-like touches doesn’t need to be expansive nor extravagant. Although their primary purpose is to maintain healthy hygiene, bathrooms hold much greater potential that’s certainly worth exploring. You can easily introduce a zen-like atmosphere and turn it into a peaceful getaway. A place where you can focus on yourself again and escape the stress of day-to-day concerns.

5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

All you need to do is take a look at luxury saunas and spas and find the details that make their appeal and sophistication timeless. If you’re worried that this won’t work because you don’t have a large master bath, we’re here to show you that some creativity can go a long way.

Establish a Continuous Flow

When you look at most of the spas, you’ll realize that the calm feeling comes from the fact that they offer a continuous flow of space so you can move without thinking. It’s pretty easy to recreate that feeling of efficient, organized, and clean space – the first step is to remove the clutter. Tucking away all the bathroom essentials neatly while they remain close at hand isn’t difficult with numerous bathroom storage solutions out there. You can boost this freedom of movement further with a level entry shower, creating a seamless connection with the rest of the bathroom. This will also create visual harmony since the tiles can form a continuous pattern across the whole floor and into the shower.

5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis sheeba magazine

Go Beyond White

It seemed that the trend of white bathroom walls would never go away, however, today that trend is being usurped by adventurous individuals keen on injecting color into their lives. Every design starts with a splash of paint, and the current trends favor experimentation. We know it may seem intimidating to stay away from white since it’s the safest color there is, but the truth is it will always seem cold and stark if you’re trying to achieve a relaxing and calm environment. You need a space that’s inviting and warm, and when you look at the palette of luxurious spas you’ll see that chestnut, stone, or mustard tones are the best fit. Of course, you should find a warm color that best works for you, but be sure it has the ability to generate a number of shades and tones since the goal here is to achieve harmony. This means no bold colors and you should make sure that the selection will complement the fixtures and fittings.

Invite Nature In

Adding indoor plants goes way beyond the popular green trend – lush greenery maintains a healthy environment by purifying the air, it can look pretty spectacular, and, most importantly, it makes the overall feel of the place more tranquil instantly. You can do wonders with colors, but the fact still remains that there’s nothing more relaxing than the color palette as provided by Nature. Keep in mind that bathrooms have warmer temperatures, higher humidity, and lower light than the rest of the house so you’ll need plants that thrive in such an environment. If you’re simply not a plant person, you can still keep it ‘natural’ by utilizing wood. No matter if it’s a wooden mirror frame or marine decking instead of tiles, drawing on the warmth of wood will make your bathroom look both natural and aesthetically pleasing.

5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

Get in Control of Lighting

This is the key to achieving a relaxing atmosphere. Bright light is simply not relaxing for the body – that’s why we sleep far better during the night – so you need to fit dimmer switches to your light fixtures. This is a very simple way to acquire full control over the feel of the space. The very flexibility to mute light will stimulate relaxation and create warmth, but be sure to stay away from white lights and fluorescents. You can also experiment with candles, especially scented ones that will instantly relax and soothe you.

Embrace Matt Finishes

Natural aesthetics is not the only reason why you should embrace matt finishes. Dimmers and warm light won’t do the trick if laminates and high gloss porcelain tiles reflect the light. That would be a distraction to the harmony you’ve been attempting to create. The most effective among matt finishes are definitely timber and stone. Not only do they provide a calming effect when applied on floors and walls, but they’re also a perfect match for most color palettes. Best of all, these materials complement each other so combining them within one space will create an ideal balance.

As you can see, turning your bathroom into a spa-like oasis doesn’t require too much time and it’s definitely not a challenging undertaking. The point is in simple updates that can work together to create a harmonious and soothing environment. Just don’t forget fluffy slippers, cozy robes, and a glass of your favourite bubbly!


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