5 Inspirational Movies For Writers

The thought that one day your book will be filmed and become well-known all over the world is inspiring for its own sake. However, it is not a rare case when writers give up on their dreams and lose their muse and harmony to continue their work. It happens for many reasons like fatigue, poor feedback from readers, and so on.

Due to the writing service review, we have provided writers with where to look for inspiration and power to continue writing. Look deeper at each of these movies even if they are familiar to you as this time you may open some new insights for you that will help you cope with depression and enable you to go back to writing.

Inspirational Movies For Writers

The Memory Diary

This beautiful movie tells us a story of a couple and describes their lifetime from youth to maturity. In the beginning, it is not clear what connects a man-narrator and a woman-listener but further, we understand that these two are husband and wife and the story this man read to the woman is their love story with a happy end, of course. The deal is the man Noah has been writing down all his thoughts, feelings, and situations that happen to him after he met the love of his life ( woman-listener). And now he is capable of reminding his wife of their story over and over again as she struggles with memory problems. Well, the moral is that you needn’t look for a specific topic to start writing your novel right away. Try to describe everything that happens to you during your life and this book will be the most fascinating thing you will ever write and read.

Shattered Glass

This movie is based on a true story that happened with a famous journalist Steven Glass but his popularity was not gained by his writing talent. Steven Glass was a regular journalist in “The New Republic” who was not really successful and notable. One day his latest article about a little hacker gained momentum and became discussed within the whole country. However, his boss didn’t trust in his success and started to check the facts. At this time Steven continued writing articles that made him a well-known journalist all over the USA. Eventually, due to the investigation of Stevens boss, this great journalist turned out to be a liar and confessed that 27 of his 41 written articles for “The New Republic” were fiction. This movie teaches writers to always be honest and reach their goals in the right way.
<h2 style="text-align: center;">Colette</h2>
This is one more story describing a writer-loser that has lost his talent or hasn’t ever had it at all. The movie tells us a story of a simple girl from a small town that succeeded to marry a well-known novel writer as she was thinking from the beginning. However, it seemed more like slavery, not a marriage. Having lost his muse, Colette
s husband asked her to write his memoirs while he was having fun with other women in clubs. But Collete is not stupid and she understands that now she is a great writer and her transformation begins. She is growing from a simple young lady into a mature debutante mostly thanks to her husband. The movie teaches writers of several things:

  • never leave your talent and writing, just keep waiting for your time
  • when you are forced to write it is not always bad for your writing skills and place in life.

Book Club

This movie is quite fresh and tells us a story of four women who during past years gather in their book club and discuss a particular book they are reading simultaneously. Despite them all being 40 years old, they like to choose various books and writers. Women discuss their feelings and thoughts while they are reading the book, share their worries and family problems or just chat with each other meaning book club is something more than reading. “Despite other moments of this movie, it shows what can be a great award for the writer than being picked at the book clubs like this, being discussed as an author, and teaching readers some vital things in life”, – says Coleman Drake Gabriels, author and editor at writing reviews of services.

Letters to Juliet

The film tells us the story of the romantic and loving journey of Sophie, the journalist from New York, through Italy in search of the first love of her old friend. However, the most interesting thing about this picture is that initially Sophie randomly finds the Juliet Club located in Verona. The club consists of several women who answer the letters from tourists to Juliet. They have a very responsible work as commonly these letters are full of broken hearts and suffering. As Sophie is a journalist, she decides to join the Juliet club, and that is how she actually meets her new old friend. The moral of this movie is that even if you think that your writing skills are useless and you cannot find your inspiration, you should try something new, unique, and fascinating.

To sum up

All these movies that somehow describe the life of popular writers teach writers certain lessons and give numerous ways where and how they can find inspiration to develop their writing skills. What really matters is the personal interpretation of the pictures we described above as commonly people see what they really need to see, and it is not related only to movies.

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