4 ways to avant-garde your look

by Ann Irvina Ravinther www.droolschool.co.uk

2016 #15 March VOL I Article PRINT

Sometimes, we want to go a little bit avant-garde on our look but at the same time keeping it minimal for an everyday use. We suggest these styles for you as they put emphasis on one specific feature. Be it your eyes or lips. One thing is for sure: the attention will be all on you.


purple-haze-ombre-look_look_56131a78f863bf45f741c38ab78889cf_tile_smallThough it may look like you need expert blending skills, the ombre look is pretty simple as long as you outline, shade and blend. It is perfect to bring from day to night. Start off with a blank canvas by moisturizing your lips and applying powder to conceal any redness. When done, use the liner to fix any imperfections and use concealer to go over harsh edges.



WESLEY HILTON PicsArt_02-27-06.51.28This eyeshadow look consist of bright colours, glitter and thick lashes. The Cut Crease technique with a contrasting eye shadow colour will give you that dramatic defined crease. The makeup is very angular and does the job! Tip: Use a sticky tape to have a clean line. Prime your eyes and set it so that you will be ready to blend. This gradual build-up of colour is perfect for a night out. Remember to blend on the go to achieve this look!


Colored-frecklesAn ongoing internet trend that we love which you can easily sport. Liquid lipstick works best. With just two shades, a variation of colours can be made. Different sized brushes will give you a number of different sized freckles. You can place the freckles sporadically where the sun would likely hit (like normal freckles) or you could place them wherever you please to highlight. The best part is you can rock any colour you want from reds to blues!


Glitter Lip queeniirozenbladThis is a look that will get the disco ball on your lips ready to steal the night away. Moisturize your lips then conceal and powder. Next, line your lips and apply lipstick. For the glitter to stick on, use eyelash glue which you can apply with an old brush or clean lip gloss wand. Brush off that excess glitter and you are good to go dance the night away! Once your night has ended, remove with baby oil or extra virgin olive oil and use your finger to gently peel it off.

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Photographer: Simone Altmayer Photography & Design Model: Eva Heckl Hair & Make-up Artist: Alisha Ehret

Photo: Simone Altmayer Photography & Design Model: Nadine Schuckert Hair & Make-up: Alisha Ehret