4 Things That Can Make A Funeral Service More Meaningful And Personal

When it comes to planning a funeral service, it is important that you take extra steps to ensure the service is meaningful and personal. Attending the funeral of a loved one is an incredibly emotional experience, which is why it is crucial that the day is a personal send off. In this article, we will go over some things you can do that will help make a funeral service more meaningful. Follow along to find out more.

Make A Funeral Service More Meaningful

Make It A Small Occasion

One thing you can do to make a funeral more meaningful and personal is to ensure it is a small occasion. Having too many people at a funeral can make the day feel less authentic, as there is a chance that some people attending do not know the person all that well. It would be far better to have a more intimate service, where those who are close to the person who has passed can say their goodbyes in a more private way. You could always then have a more open invitation for the wake after the funeral so that people who are not as close can still come and pay their respects.

Include Some Personal Touches

Including personal touches throughout the day is another great way of creating a funeral service that is meaningful. It would be nice to include some of their favourite flowers in the memorial wreath, as well as include a personal funeral program for people to keep after the service. If you are going to attend such program, you can order for 3 hours Express Condolence Flowers Delivery in Singapore. You could also create a collage of photos and have that displayed at the service, as this can be a reminder of the happier times. Loving Memory Prints is a company that offers memorial service program templates as well as old photo restorations, so this would be a great place to turn when you are wanting to include personal touches to the service.

Choose Their Favourite Music

Music plays an important role in many people’s lives, so it is only right that music plays an important role in the final send-off. When you are planning a funeral service for a loved one, you should make sure that you choose their favourite music to play throughout the ceremony. As well as this, you should find songs that remind you of that person, so everyone can listen and reminisce over the happy moments that were shared.

Incorporate Their Favourite Clothing

Although black is the traditional choice for funeral attire, it is not mandatory that everyone must where black when attending a funeral. A great way to honour someone’s memory is to incorporate their favourite clothing into the service. If they were a big fan of bold colours and clashing prints, then get everyone to wear their brightest clothes. Or, if they loved one colour in particular, then ask everyone to rock that colour on the day of the service. This is such a simple but great way of making the funeral service more meaningful and personal to the person who has passed.

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