4 Great Reasons Why the Carnivore Diet May Help You Lose Weight

A carnivore diet, unlike the other diets, eliminates all types of food items except animal foods. This diet is dubbed as the no-carb diet as those who follow it cut out all carbs, and instead consume only fat and proteins from animal meat and occasionally from some dairy products. Click here on carnivore diet pros and cons.

This type of diet originates from a debatable idea that early humans survived on a meat-only diet. Some people follow a complete carnivore diet to reset their body and fulfill a short-term goal, and most of the time, the short-term goal is to lose weight. It is an effective way to lose some weight, but many dieters also complain of not losing weight on carnivore diet. A number of reasons may cause this, such as consuming too much dairy or eating processed meat.

carnivore diet

After achieving their objective of losing weight, most switch back to a less restrictive diet.

So, here are some reasons why a carnivore diet may help you lose weight.

1 Reduces insulin levels

The best way to lose some weight is to lower insulin levels. But, the recent trend in food items is all about processed food and sugary items that increase your insulin levels. So, a carnivore diet eliminates the consumption of such glycemic items as cereals, sugars, and starch. This promotes weight loss by reducing insulin levels.

The carnivore diet is the least insulinogenic diet of all. The increase in insulin by consuming fat and protein is negligible as compared to carbs.

The body will start using fat as a fuel in the absence of carbs or sugar in your diet. Low insulin levels put the body in a state of fasting, which signals the body to consume fat as fuel.

2 Increases your metabolism

A low-carb or no-carb diet increases your metabolism. People on a zero-carb diet or low-carb diet can burn up to 300 calories per day while resting. That is equivalent to 20 minutes of cycling.

This gives you the freedom to eat to the point of satisfaction, without worrying about the portions and still losing weight.

3 It makes you feel satiated

As a carnivore, eating foods that have a high-fat content helps you feel full and satisfied after your meal. This feeling results in fewer calories consumed, as you will not feel hungry. It also prevents you from munching on chips or cookies to feel satiated.

4 Leverages protein to lose weight

Humans naturally have a protein drive. However, over the years, the consumption of proteins has reduced. The use of carbohydrates and fat has increased over the past years while protein consumption has been stagnant. But, if protein intake is low, the body feels less satiated, leading you to crave more carbohydrates and fatty foods.

So, one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight is to increase protein consumption, and a carnivore diet is a great way to increase protein consumption.

A carnivore diet may effectively help you reduce some weight if you follow it religiously. But, if you are not losing weight on a carnivore diet, try changing some diet elements. For instance, switching the kind of meat you consume may provide better results.

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