3 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Finances and Investing

Financial freedom might appear out of reach for many people with large credit card debt or a mortgage with fifteen more years of monthly payments to complete. But creating personal wealth and investing opportunities can come through a variety of unique channels, and it’s often in spite of other negative drains on your total financial picture.

Building your savings account and growing toward new personal finance goals can be done even while you’re battling with other net negative components of your overall cash flow. With these three tips, prioritizing your future can be made easier.

1. Find resources that offer high quality financial news and opinion

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Far too many investors and savers fail to incorporate the most up to date information in their savings and investing strategies. Relying on outdated news and investment metrics is a surefire way to lock in poor quality growth and returns on your investments. Perhaps the market is still performing in the same ways that it was a month ago, but it’s probably shifting in a variety of discreet and powerful ways.

Keeping up with market movers and the most recent expert opinions on all things finance is crucial to making informed decisions about your money and future. Resources like Wealth Rocket are instrumental for creating continued success in your personal finance journey (see more at www.wealthrocket.com). Wealth Rocket is a one-stop-shop for all things finance. The site provides expert opinion and key comparisons on all sorts of finance-related products from bank accounts to credit cards and budgeting apps.

The most successful investors of our time are constantly looking for new information and frameworks with which a novel approach to the markets can be formulated. It’s the constant questioning of norms and a rejection of the commonplace that sets these personal finance savants apart. You, too, can leverage insights like those from Wealth Rocket to help you make smarter personal finance decisions that will consistently boost your investments and savings account.

Warren Buffett lives by a simple maxim that says you should always go to bed just a bit smarter than when you woke up. The intelligent investor—large (like Buffett or Hayes Barnard) or small—follows this research-driven and inquisitive approach to finance and daily life, too, whether instinctively or out of their own learned expedience.

2. Investing in long term solutions to common problems



Barnard is a great example, as a CEO and founder of LoanPal, Barnard has an eye on the future with a solution for the present financial issues that investors and homeowners face on a daily basis. LoanPal is a dedicated home loan agency that focuses on solar loans to people seeking to install these life-changing power solutions for a better tomorrow.

Borrowing upfront to cover the costly installation price is a great way to defray the total cost over the lifetime of your overall savings. By switching to solar power, you can lock in powerful savings on your household bills and protect the environment at the same time!

3. Keep track of your credit score

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Your credit score is one of the most important metrics for tracking interest rates and other personal finance considerations. Maintaining a great credit score is the best way to ensure that you’re always able to receive a personal loan from your online bank of credit union when you need it. Paying off debts and maintaining accounts in good standing is the best way to continually increase your credit score over the long run.

Investors and homeowners know the importance of this convoluted metric and are always working to take pride in their credit score. With a mobile app from your bank or credit card, or one from another personal finance resource like Intuit’s Mint mobile app, you can keep a constant watch over factors that will impact your score.

With these investing tips, you can be sure that your financial future will continue to look bright and promising.