3 Ways Changing Your Style Can Help You Move on Post-Divorce

Divorce can be one of life’s most difficult transitions, but for many it can also mean a brighter, new beginning. In fact, 53% of divorced women report feeling happier after their divorce than they were in their marriage. The average age for divorce in the US in around 30, however, marriages can end at any stage of life, and with the end of a marriage comes the chance for new self-exploration. For many,experimenting with style and transforming your look can signal an outward change that reflects internal transformation. Reinventing your wardrobe can help improve your post-divorce sense of self-esteem and show the world what you’re ready to take on.

 Changing Your Style Can Help You Move on Post-Divorce

Out With the  Old, In With the New 

Decluttering your closet can be a cathartic experience and facilitate the internal process of moving on. You don’t have to get rid of every article of clothing your ex ever saw you wear, however, particularly memorable items, such as gifts, lingerie or a dress worn on a special date may serve as painful reminders. Selling your clothing online or to a local consignment shop can help you earn extra cash to rebuild your wardrobe and create new memories. Clearing out space in your closet will help you see how much you and your style have changed and grown, and can guide you in choosing new pieces better suited to your current phase of life. Creating an updated look doesn’t mean you have to stock up on fast-fashion, trendy pieces. Classic, well-,made and versatile pieces can create the perfect minimalist wardrobe, while staying within your budget.

Dressing for the Life You Want 

The end of a marriage can create a number of new life circumstances. You may find yourself seeking a new career, new friendships or new hobbies. Maybe you’ve been hitting the gym or going to a weekly yoga class as a healthy coping strategy for moving on. Treating yourself to a few pieces of high end athleisure wear will motivate you to keep up your activity level and feel more confident in the process. If you’re finally taking the opportunity to travel on your own, a few pieces of beautiful new luggage can can help inspire you to make the leap and see the world.

Creating a Date Night Look

At some point after your divorce, you’ll feel ready to put yourself out there and meet new people. If you’ve been married for a long time, it can be fun to experiment with new looks and learn what makes you feel confident and sexy. If you’re among the 650,000 people in the US divorcing after the age of 50, your fashion sense may have changed dramatically since you were last on the dating market. With maturity, you may feel more comfortable in your own skin and less eager to impress; emphasize your best features and express your personality. Pair classic, well-made wardrobe staples with subtle embellishments, like a silk scarf, a piece of statement jewelry or a trendy kitten heel for an elegant look. Find clothing that is the right balance of comfortable and sexy, as well as appropriate for the setting of your date.

With a divorce you may find yourself dating again, looking for new career opportunities and generally starting anew. An unhappy marriage can have a negative impact on your confidence, and expressing your personal style post-divorce can help improve your self-image. Now is the time to make yourself a priority.

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