3 Things Modern Men Can Learn from Peter Dodge

Peter Dodge is a man whose name is appearing more and more in the media, and for all the right reasons. As well as being the founder of Hanover Research, he is also the creator of the Peter G. Dodge Foundation, a philanthropic endeavor that aims to help people whose lives have been affected by alcohol dependency. Whilst alcohol addicts have much to thank Mr. Dodge for, any modern man can learn a thing or two from him as well. Here are three things that modern men can learn from Peter Dodge.

1 A Smart Style


If there’s one thing that is particularly evident from photos of Mr. Dodge from Hanover’s various press releases, it’s that the man has a smart sense of style. It’s often true that clothes make the man, and although there is so much more to the Chief Performance Officer than the attire he wears, it doesn’t hurt to look good.

By being clad in a smart, yet simple, suit, Peter Dodge can portray a sense of seriousness about him that shows Hanover Research means business. For modern men who are looking to make a name for themselves as entrepreneurs or even reputable businessmen, Mr. Dodge’s example is a good one to follow. There are a few websites that can help you achieve a sense of style that works for you. Don’t forget about the accessories either—a stylish watch and spotless shoes can go a long way to show your clients and customers that you care about the optics. After all, if you make the effort to look good, then it stands to reason that you also make an effort in what you do as well.

To help, it’s definitely worth your time checking out The Q Man for advice on what to wear and how to wear it. Plus there is a plethora of articles on how to live well. For every modern man, you only look good if you feel good—and you only feel good if you live well.

2 A Sense of Trust



In 2003, Peter Dodge created the Hanover Research Organization. Their mandate was to provide companies with the informational resources and researching tools necessary to move forward. Their methods would be customized to the client and would follow an appropriate fee model. One of Hanover’s great achievements has been its ability to help a diverse range of companies gain access to the market research industry. As a market research firm, Hanover caters to all sizes and forms of enterprise.

Some of the Hanover’s clients have made the top 100 on Fortune’s list of most successful companies in the past year. There are also plenty of clients for whom Hanover Research has provided analysts and market research survey experts for that are classed as non-profit organizations and have aspirations to change the local community, not the global population.

Peter Dodge’s trust in the work of companies that exist in the public, private and non-profit sectors has helped established Hanover as an equally trustworthy organization that benefits their clients. His own trust in his colleagues saw Mr. Dodge step down as CEO, despite being its founder, and handing over the chief executive office to Wesley Givens. Through this unprecedented act, he could show that his company wasn’t the Peter Dodge Hanover Research organization, but that Hanover belonged to all of its employees.

3 Empathy and Philanthropy


Through the creation of the Peter G. Dodge Foundation, a grant allocation service that aims to battle and treat alcohol use disorder (AUD), Peter Dodge has shown that empathy and philanthropy go hand in hand. Using his skills in information services, the Foundation looks to assist researchers and organizations in helping the 15 million people in the U.S. who have AUD and prevent the many more who could fall under its hold. As an organization, the PGDF can teach all modern men that it’s possible to be successful and never forget to help others with the skills that you have. Feel free to visit this website if you need professional research paper help from academic writing experts.

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