10 Types of Jackets & Coats You Can Wear with a Boho Dress

Boho is synonymous with bohemian. The abbreviation for “bohemian” is Boho. It is a fashion movement, having started in the late 1960s and became popular in the early 1970s. Everyone is loving the boho-chic fashion these days!

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You know that winter is coming and that the days are growing shorter, but you still want to wear your boho dresses? You can still wear your light dresses amid the season if you match them with a jacket that conforms to the bohemian fashion rules.

Types of Jackets According To Different Height

A boho jacket or coat is a cozy yet chic accessory that completes your outfit and keeps you warm. Have you just bought an expensive boho dress with wonderful floral patterns and want to flaunt it in public but cannot because of winter? No worries! Jackets and coats are your saviors for this season.

Now the question is, which jacket suits best with your preferred outfit right now? Which coat will look the best on you? You will find everything that you need in this article! Let’s look at the jacket you should wear first according to your height.

Short Height

If you’re petite, a short jacket with a waistline indicator would fit you best. To avoid slimming your figure, stay away from long or half-length jackets that cover your bottom.

Tall Height

To highlight their small physique, tall women will instead put on a trench coat or a long jacket with shoulder pads. A bomber-style jacket is an additional choice that will add extra upper body support.

10 Types of Jackets & Coats to Pair Up with a Boho Dress

boho jacket in denim

Now that we know about the perfect fit according to height and body type, it is time to know about the different styles of boho jackets and coats that have currently caused an uproar in the market and are a must-have item for winters.

1 Boho Style Jacket

Each element of a boho chic look has a specific meaning. Pick a lightweight, ad hoc jacket with superb finishing made of premium fabric. For instance, the ideal jacket would have thin sleeves with lace trimming.

Keep your outfit light by sticking to neutral hues like cream or beige and simple patterns. An overcoat made of linen, a kimono made of silk, or a cotton canvas safari-style jacket will look great with boho-chic clothing. A wool or corduroy jacket is an additional choice that will appeal to women who are more exposed to the cold in the winter.

2 Rock Style Jacket

The classic leather (or faux leather) perfecto is a need for a bohemian rock look. Particularly alluring are the metal zips, studs, and embellishments. The leather jacket’s exact fit will give you the rebellious air you so richly deserve. It will be gorgeous layered over a floral outfit. A slightly faded denim jacket and a vintage t-shirt can do if the leather isn’t your thing.

3 Folky Jacket

Do you enjoy using Fedora and Santiag boots? Tassels, volume, and vibrant embroidery are some of a bohemian folk jacket’s essential features. Denim or suede are good choices for a touch of western flair. You have a natural and wild sense of style, and that will not go overlooked.

4 Hippie Style Jacket

Your choice of the popular jean or denim jacket will perfectly affirm your boho aesthetic. Pick a size larger if you prefer a more relaxed look. Your clothing will have a distinctive flair thanks to colored embroidery. Think about psychedelic, flowery, tribal, and ethnic patterns. Our favorite embellishments are the bangs, beads, and emblems that will improve the ensemble. A suede jacket or a safari jacket are other fantastic options for a hippie chic look.

5 Denim Jacket

For the ideal bohemian look, try layering your dresses and keep jackets in your closet. Denim jackets provide a layer to your ensembles. Particularly patchwork denim jackets and jackets with suzani embroidery.

6 Mid-Long Coat

A woman’s closet must-have is a Boho mid-long coat with a checkered pattern and a hood that can be worn with, for example, a pencil leather skirt, a turtleneck sweater, and heel pumps for a classy ensemble or with denim jeans and hoodies for a more laid-back style. You can pair it with a little black purse and black sunglasses to complete the appearance.

7 Fleece Long Coat

Cotton and fleece are the essential components of the beige Boho fleece long coat. Its lengthy length is perfect for the upcoming fall and winter. The original and extremely stylish fleece will go with all of your clothing.

8 Hippie Coat

Warm hues make up the long coat from the Boho hippie style (brown, camel, red, white, black). Its lengthy length is perfect for the upcoming fall and winter. Your ensembles will have a truly original touch because of their hippie/ethnic pattern.

9 Quilted Coat

Beige is a stylish color that goes with everything. The Boho coat is made of cotton and polyester with fleece inside; it is perfect for fall and winter. The original and extremely stylish fleece will go with all of your clothing.

boho wool coat

10 Wool Coat

The wool coat is a timeless option. Wearing one over your dress ensures that you’ll never look out of place on any occasion. A wool coat may instantly complete your style and transform your ensemble into something really stylish and elegant.


If you want to wear your boho dress this winter season and cannot find the perfect type of jacket or coat then make sure to read this article because it will help you a lot. Get your fashion game on!

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