10 Beauty Secrets from Celebrity Stylists

Between regular salon visits, conditioning hair treatments, blow-drying, and styling, maintaining flawless locks can be pretty high maintenance. Have you ever wondered how your favorite stars keep their hair looking so perfect, even with their busy schedules? No one knows their secrets better than celebrity stylists!

Hollywood’s top stylists know hair and exactly how to get it to look its best. They’re the ones helping your favorite celebs get ready for the red carpet and giving your favorite actress that edgy new haircut you’re dying to try. These are the pros celebs trust for advice about everything from how to use dry shampoo to how to tame your crazy bangs.

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Here are 10 beauty secrets from celebrity stylists who know all the ins and outs of hair care and styling!

1. Apply Your Hair Mask Before You Work Out

Most of us apply a hair mask after a workout to revive and deeply condition our hair. But one stylist recommends doing just the opposite. Jen Atkin (one of the most famous stylists out there) says that the salt from your sweat can be drying to the hair. By applying your hair mask before you work out, you can seal the strands of your hair and protect it from dryness. As an added bonus, the body heat you generate during your workout will help the mask penetrate even better. When you’re done, all can just rinse it out and style as usual!

2. Go Easy with the Shampoo

Do you shampoo your hair every day? If so, you’re shampooing too much! Cervando Maldonado, who styles Reese Witherspoon’s hair, says over-shampooing dries out the hair, making it next to impossible to achieve those shiny smooth strands we all want. Try to go at least every other day, if not longer, between shampoos. You can always use dry shampoo or put your hair in a chic ponytail when it’s not looking as fresh as you would like.

3. Reserve Conditioner for the Ends of Your Hair

Does your hair still feel a little greasy or dirty after you shampoo? Celebrity stylist Mark Townsend says it could be caused by the way you’re using your conditioner. When applying, reserve the conditioner for the ends of your hair. Work it through your hair but stop about four inches away from your scalp. This will keep it from weighing down your hair, and you really don’t need it on your scalp anyway because the natural oils provide enough hydration at the roots.

4. The Right Brush Can Make All the Difference

Sure, you brush your hair every day, but did you know choosing the right brush can make a huge difference in how your hair looks? According to famous stylist Charles Baker Strahan, having a variety of hairbrushes on hand is crucial. He says different brushes should be used for different functions. For example, boar bristle brushes are ideal for smoothing the hair and adding shine. Wet brushes with a flexible pad are best for detangling. Round brushes of various sizes can be used for straightening, building body, adding volume, or enhancing waves.



5. Colored Shampoo is a Blonde’s Best Friend

If you have blond hair, you’re probably all too familiar with the brassy tone it can develop over time. Celebrity stylist Cynthia Alvarez says using purple shampoo is a quick and easy way to counteract those brassy tones. It’s even available in nourishing formulas to restore moisture to dried out or damaged, fragile blond hair.

6. Use Dry Shampoo the Right Way

Using dry shampoo seems pretty simple. Just spray on, work it into the hair, and it soaks up the oil and grease, right? Well, stylist Christian Wood, who works with Olivia Munn, says it’s not quite that simple. To use dry shampoo the right way, you need to remove the product to get rid of the excess dirt and oil. He recommends blasting it out with your blow dryer right at the roots to get a totally refreshed look.

7. Tame Your Bangs Right Out of the Shower.

Let’s be honest. Bangs can be a pain to deal with, and if you let them air dry, it’s virtually impossible to get rid of the frizz and kinks. Stylist Sarah Potempa says you should tame your bangs right out of the shower to avoid all that drama. Apply a little mousse and then blow dry them down until they’re straight and completely dry. Then pin them off to one side for about five minutes. Switch sides for another five minutes and you’ll wind up with smooth bangs that have natural bend and movement.

8. Don’t Ignore the Cold Air Setting on Your Blow Dryer

It turns out there’s a reason your blow dryer has a cold air setting. Drew Barrymore and Emma Stone’s stylist Oscar Blandi, it’s the key to locking in your look. Once your hair is completely dry, give each section a shot of cold air to set your style and lock in the shine.

9.You can get Victoria’s Secret Style Waves with Your Curling Iron

If you thought you had to break out the hot rollers to get Victoria’s Secret waves, think again. Harry Josh, stylist to Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow, says it’s all in how you hold your curling iron. The pros actually hold the curling iron horizontally, rather than vertically, and it can make all the difference.

10. Style Curly Hair While It’s Wet

Celebrity stylist Robert Vetica says curly hair is much easier to manage if you style it when it’s wet. That’s the best way to avoid frizz and droopiness as it dries. To style curly hair, start by finger combing your hair to remove tangles, and then add a lightweight mousse. Next, comb through every strand to align the hair cuticle. Now flip your head over and scrunch to form the curl, shake your curls out, and part if desired. Let it air dry or use a diffuser to lock in the curl.


While famous stylists certainly know all of the ins and outs of hairstyling and care, none of these hair hacks are complicated, difficult, or expensive to pull off. There’s no reason you can’t steal these beauty secrets from celebrity stylists to use at home on your own hair. Before you know it, your friends will all be wondering what your secret is!

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