The Ideal Fashion Guide to Appear Smart on Your College Tour

A campus visit is one of the ideal ways of getting substantial and valuable information about the college you would like to study in. It is all well and good to read the resource materials on the website or follow student blogs, but nothing beats the experience of visiting campus and seeing the institution for yourself. This enables you to make informed choices on your educational pursuits, which will have an overriding influence on how your life pans out.

Like every other criterion of applying to a university of your choice, it is necessary to put your best foot forward. This is why you want to nail a good first impression not only for the admission officer but for your prospective fellow students as well.

So let us get into the fashion guide.

The ideal fashion guide to appear smart on your college tour

Dress to See and Not to Be Seen

An important element about visiting a campus is the timing. Most college visits are conducted during the weekdays. For example, theĀ  University of Florida Campus Tour is offered every other weekday excepting holidays to enable prospective students to acquire first-hand information that may not be readily available on the website.

This means students and professors are likely to be up and about the campus. It is therefore vital to dress casual but classy. Striking a handsome balance between elegance and flamboyance is the best way to look well-dressed and at the same time, blend in well with your environment.

You do not want to look an eyesore or a spectacle on your visit to campus. This is especially important where you have a meeting scheduled with advisers or a professor as you will be addressed the way you are dressed. So please keep your bikini and boxers at home for the beach.

Think about the Climate

Different colleges come with different climatic conditions and as such, different dress codes. For colleges in Alaska, it is typical for prospective students to layer up due to the cold.

On the other hand, the state of Florida is generally described as hot and humid. It is, therefore, reasonable to expect a potential student to dress lightly while on a University of Florida Campus tour, making good use of breathable fabrics to prevent sweating and discomfort. The light dressing should also go hand in glove with comfortable, breathable shoes to avoid a scenario of smelly feet after the day is done.

Dress to Your Schedule

Dressing in clean casual attire is perfect for an ordinary visit with a possibility to explore the grounds. But if you have a scheduled appointment, an interview or an audition, then you should strive to wear something more formal. You do not need to put on a three-piece ensemble with a tie as if you are going for a five-star date in Monaco. However, you could aim for a business-casual look while making sure to pay attention to your shoes.

These are the ‘3 Dos’ to dressing for your college visit. Follow these tips to make the right impression on your prospective professors and peers.

The ideal fashion guide to appear smart on your college tour