Open Submissions

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We accept submissions from photographers and their creative teams, models, makeup/hair artists, fashion designers and brands at any time. We are looking for high-end creative fashion-editorial photography material that would exhibit a unique, experimental and “outside the box” style. If we like your works we will be in touch with you asap and let you know the next necessary steps. Submissions calendar can be found here.


 Monthly Print Publications

OPEN SOON: April 2017 print issue.  General idea: Spring Fashion.

See our inspirations board here on Pintrest.

Deadline: March 20th, 2017.

Submit to [email protected] Subject line: “Spring Fashion”. Looking for creative editorials of 5-10  images. Poses and composition should vary throughout the set. Vertical images are prioritized. Quality first. Please include team credits as a text & title of set when emailing your initial submission. Please send in high resolution image files not less than 2000px at longest side, not less than 300dpi and files not smaller than 1MB in size. Low resolution submissions will be ignored. You may use  wetransfer or dropbox.

We are also looking for fashion designers, photographers, models, HMUAs, stylists and other creatives to interview. If you have a strong and exceptional works/portfolio to fit our monthly concept, you are welcome contact us at [email protected]

March issue will be released 1st April, 2017.

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Print Publication

We are accepting images to be considered for a cover of the upcoming monthly issues. Please read rules & conditions before you fill in the form.  If our team decides to use your image for a cover we will be in touch with you via email. Click HERE to apply.



Featuring on our Website

You may also submit a set of editorial images to be considered for webitorial – editorial to be featured on our website. A variety of images should be from one set,  8 images at least and with no limitation to a maximum number.  Images should not exceed 600KB in size. Please include team credits and links to their social media if any and title for the set. No theme required.


Print Publications/Website

If you are interested in doing interview please email us information about who you are and a link to your works/portfolio. If we are interested we will send you interview questions and will ask for high quality images to go along with your interview in print publication. We take interviews from photographers, models, makeup artists, designers, retouchers and other professionals from fashion, photography and modelling industry.


Print Publications/Website

We are always looking for writers or bloggers who would like to contribute to our print publications and website. If you are interested in writing for us, please send an email to [email protected] with the headline “Contributing Writer”, include writing text samples and links to your work, blog or portfolio.

Sheeba Magazine welcomes articles on fashion, styling, beauty tips, makeup, healthy lifestyle, modeling, photography, new products and new collections. Your articles can be based on your own experience and have educational purposes, for example, if you are a model, photographer, makeup artist, designer you can share advices, tips & tricks, reviews, etc.



Submissions to be sent to:  [email protected].

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Our General Rules for submissions apply.