How to Arrive at the Perfect Choice of a Christening Gown

It is interesting to note that christening gowns vary based on the faith practiced by the family. This is because some faiths specifically demand that gowns reflect their doctrines and religious ideology. Therefore, you may see that many baptismal gowns come with a shade of white or are entirely white.

Treat Your Skin Right By Exfoliating

There are a lot of qualities about the human body that we thrive to take care of, like when it comes to our skin. There are those who often look to maintain ski...

EcoWalk. How to Obtain Truly Natural Organic Textile Products

This article is giving you an insight on how to choose natural textiles made of reliable organic sources. A deeper understanding of basic differences between natural and natural organic fabric may help to improve your wellbeing, slow down destructive activity on our planet and sustain a healthier environment for your loved ones

Can You Resize Tungsten Wedding Bands?

A straight answer before we start explaining why you cannot resize your tungsten ring is NO due to the hardness of the material used. Most people buy these ring...

EcoWalk. Health Benefits of Natural Organic Fabrics (V): Organic Hemp Fabric

Organic hemp fabric is chemical free, naturally enriched with useful compounds, bears antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp textile is excellent for outdoor wear as it is highly absorbent with the ability to resist mold and protect from UV rays. Click to read more if interested in health benefits of natural hemp fabric.

Top Messy Hairstyles for Men

Messy hairstyles are becoming more and more popular among men. The reason is that artfully unkempt hair is a quick and simple alternative to the traditionally s...

How To Wear and The Use Of Glasses Chains

Thе chain оf glasses іѕ a muсh-mаlіgnеd ассеѕѕоrу: іtѕ associations wіth thе lіkеѕ оf Dаmе Ednа аnd Annіе Potts оftеn соnѕіdеrеd іnеѕсараblе. But аѕ ѕummеr rарі...

New Life of the Old Furniture

By L’Essenziale Interior Design Blog Do not rush to throw away old furniture and other things that you are not longer using at home: with a touch of creativity...

Opening night at Vancouver Fashion Week S/S19

Monday, September 17th, 2018 – Vancouver, BC – Opening Gala night at Vancouver Art Gallery’s šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énḵ Square (formerly Vancouver Art Gallery’s N...

Glamour Photography Poses and Ideas

Glamour photography is a specific kind of digital photography used for media, fashion magazines, advertising campaigns. The growing popularity of glamour photography genre is not surprising

What is Editorial Fashion Photography?

Photographer: Tamara Hansen Model: Melinda London c/o Modelwerk Makeup artist: Agnes Hecking First and most important editorial photography is for the purpose...

Pierre Sage Unleashes China

French article written by Morgan COUTURIER, translated by Joseph FELIX China Narcissus La Narcissus The Narcissus are bulbous flowering plants whose beauty...

What is Editorial Makeup?

No fashion editorial can happen without a makeup artist. Makeup is a key factor in the fashion world. It is crucial to have professional makeup application as it gives a continuation of the theme or story.