Sheeba Magazine is a monthly U.S based fashion magazine specializing in publication of high-end creative fashion and experimental editorial photography, available in paper and digital versions. Every month by carefully selected editorials and interview features photographers, designers, models and other creative minds of fashion industry have an opportunity to show-case and promote their contemporary masterpieces worldwide through print, digital and social media exposure.

Sheeba Magazine provides a high-quality platform for new and established professional creatives to be connected, published and recognized around the globe. Each issue of the glossy magazine brings together ever-growing creative community talents from North & South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Magazine’s quality content and ability to scout and represent emerging fashion, beauty and photography talents became a never-ending source of inspiration to international audience since its establishment in 2014.

Once a year, Sheeba Magazine also releases a special print issue called “All Male” focusing on male fashion editorials and male creatives of fashion industry.

Word “Sheeba” is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin and means “promise”. It also refers to Queen Sheba, a queen of ancient kingdom of the Sabeans: a rich trading nation dealing in gold, spices, and precious stones; who visited Solomon to test his wisdom. A masculine version of “sheba” means “number seven” which is considered to be a lucky number.  It is said that people carrying “Sheeba” name are spiritually intense creators and promoters of original ideas, have great organizational skills and sometimes can be persuasive when achieving goals. In general, word “Sheeba” is of a deep ancient origin, has a variety of equivalents and can be recognized by many different cultures in present day.



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